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I love the different enviroments of all the differnent locations of the game.

It's certainly one of the best open worlds I've ever seen.

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Mike321 said:

I wish the world had more human activity, because Blade has all this divisions with different tasks, yet you never see any humans in the world doing said tasks.

Other than that the world it's amazing


There are humans all over the world doing tasks that links to whatever normal or affinity mission you're doing (finding Mia in every continent is really fun). And the people that says that there aren't towns to explore or that is an empty world they should play the game and realize that there're some caravans and xeno settlements and even the Ganglion fortress are full of "people" and every inch of land is packed with fauna and tyrants and caves with prones, et cetera.  I never felt isolated in this game,  there were a lot of stuff to do.

I got bored with it and went back to playing Pikmin 3. :(

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I don't think an open-world absolutely needs to be filled with NPCs, villages or stuff like that in order to be said as "complete". I think that more NPCs in Xenoblade X would killed a bit the feeling of adventure of the game.

I'll take dense, intricate cities over expansive empty fields thanks.

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You take what you want, but let me reassure you, the fields of Xenoblade X are the extreme opposite of being empty.

you must have played a lot of open world games to make such a bold statement

etking said:

I absolutely disagree, it may look nice but the world is very empty. Unlike the original Xenoblade, there are not even cities or villages to explore and you cannot really interact with the world like in Zelda games.

The world of Skyrim feels much larger because it is packed with tons and tons of dense content like people, secrets, villages, caves, towers, buildings, towns, castles and much more.

After more than 80 hours, I got my flight module 2 weeks ago but I stopped playing since then because there is absolutely nothing that keeps me hooked. The original game got me addicted after just 10 minutes just because of the great story and JRPG feel but both are completely missing in Xenoblade X.

Xenoblade Chronicles, great story, yeah... 

Don't get me wrong, X's one is even worse, not just the story but the entire narrative is dull... and boring. 


Xenoblade X does have a wonderful world and is one of the best I have played in.

But I still love the world of Just Cause 2.


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Best RPG open world?
No, probably top 10, really good though.

Best open world ever for any genre?
Not even close.