German Imam blames Cologne Rape Victims cause "they wore perfume"

Forums - General Discussion - German Imam blames Cologne Rape Victims cause "they wore perfume"

Effing idiot.

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He doesn't have a high opinion of his own men.

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WTF is this? Thank god the germans aren't allowing these animals in anymore! They should be screened and ACTUALLY be facing death in their country before they're allowed to be called "refugee's". The majority of these "refugee's" don't give a rats ass about integrating, and just want to make $$$ and cause violence!

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Isn't he the same guy that said Germany should ban alcohol?


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Aidah said:
As someone mentioned:

"The Imam wasn't saying it was the victim's fault. He was explaining what prompted the action. Kind of like how you can say that a serial killer targeted their victim because of something they wore, without actually saying the victim was to blame. The Imam was quite clear in the follow-up interview (from the IBTimes article): "There were women scantily clad women who were wearing perfume as they walked through the drunken crowd. For some North Africans, this was reason to grope the women. That doesn't mean that I think women shouldn't be allowed to dress like that. Everyone has to accept that. And if they don't agree, they need to go to another country. That's the truth."

So it's just Agenda driven "news"...


Think you should reread the OP. 

"The events of New Year's Eve were the girls' own fault"

I think nationalist parties will really profit from all the shit that's been happening in Europe surrounding refugees...one could almost assume that all "let the refugees in" was concocted for the very same reason, so that the masses would accept more draconian measures of control in the near future.

JRPGfan said:
Its not about race... so this isnt racism.
Its just our cultures are so differnt, too differnt.

Too many muslims in europe, with values too differnt from our own.
You cant just rape women, and say its okay because they wore perfume.

Cant really blame people if they dont want muslims in their country if they act like this.


My thoughts exactly. Our cultures are just too different, and if they come to western countries having no respect for them, nor wanting to adapt a bit, it's really not the best option to have them here.

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Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing....but it does bring out the crazies.

kurasakiichimaru said:
Scoobes said:
He's a Salafist which is an ultra conservative group within Islam.

It's not unexpected for him to come out with this bullshit. Best thing to do is not give idiots like this a platform to spread their stupid ideas.

So you're gonna ignore it because of reasons?

Silence is what keeps the bullies motivated to do it all over again and again and again.

Best thing to do is expose them.

Not ignore it, but ignore them; drown them out with ideas that actually make logical sense and that actually work. 

Anyone with a modicum of sense knows that extremists exist in all walks of life and the best thing to do is always to drown out their hateful propaganda whilst demonstrating a more prosperous life can be lead than the shit they spout.

Exposing them (individuals) simply does two things:

1. Gives them a platform to reach more followers that they may not have reached before and spread their hateful bullshit

2. Feeds extremism at the other end of the spectrum by confirming their own biases and incites angry people to do stupid things

The fact your link is from two rather right wing sources demonstrates they were aiming for outcome number 2.