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That should ensure that people who buy it also have the proper PC hardware.

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mizzou_guy said:
GamechaserBE said:
JRPGfan said:

Sony be like:

Seriously PS VR with rumored 299$ price point will slaughter the Oculus Rift in sales.

First we don't know the price yet, secondly the Rift has always been great quality for its price, someone could point out that you better get a samsung gear for 99$ instead of PS vr.   All I see is that demand is higher than they will have at launch and in no wat that is a bad sign, especially DK2 had a six months waiting list even after a year of it's release.


Excuse me, but having tried both the Morpheus and Rift at the 2015 E3, I can tell you that the Morpheus has a better quality screen.  So, if Sony can release their VR set at a cheaper selling price, Rift will not be a better buy.  Also, how is "Rift has always been a better quality for its price" a thing if it was just priced today and never even been released?

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One figure we can be fairly certain of is the Oculus Rift’s resolution – the consumer model is set to run at 2160 x 1200. That’s one display, split across both eyes, and equates to a per-eye resolution of 1080 x 1200.

This was revealed in a blog post by Oculus’s chief architect, Atman Binstock, and can be assumed to be fairly accurate. It is, however, subject to change, and could be scaled up closer to the Rift’s launch.

While there are currently no available specs for the HTC Vive’s finished model, the developer edition is also listed with a resolution of 1080 x 1200 pixels per eye. As this is only a preliminary dev kit, this could conceivably receive an upgrade for the consumer version, but it’s equally possible that this will be the device’s final display.

PlayStation VR is currently trailing a little behind the pack on display, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, also divided between both eyes. In practise, this gives it a resolution of 960 x 1080 for each eye, which is less than both of its main competitors. This is something that we expect will improve substantially prior to the device’s market debut. 

- Second part was about DK1/DK2 not cheap aswell but price quality was great :).

edit: Also the quality is just more than display/resolution but the support of it.  In no time people will have the ability to play hundreds maybe thousands of experiences with the CV1.  I love the idea that the same will happen with Playstation VR but I find it hard to believe, even when I pre ordered ps vr and hope it will be great I am still skeptical (and also don't like the idea that I need a camera for it).


Anyone wanna guess how much "Oculus Touch" is going to be?

It's expensive but it still sounds like they are selling it at a loss.

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For a peripheral, lol. Can you hear the splashing of all the devs jumping ship?

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That price is almost like budget PC.

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bigtakilla said:
For a peripheral, lol. Can you hear the splashing of all the devs jumping ship?

Dont forget the "Oculus Touch" controllers you ll need as well... those will atleast be 99-149$ ontop of that 599$ price.


Also where are the games for it?

ThatDanishGamer said:
It's expensive but it still sounds like they are selling it at a loss.

I doubt that. They are a bussiness, they arnt doing this outta the goodness of their hearts.

Sony can sell theirs at a loss, becuase the software cuts they get from selling games, will offset things abit.


This sounds like Oculus decided to not price their VR with tiny margins.

They probably arnt counting on selling that many of them, and want decent profits from the start.

"Five hundred and ninety-nine US dollars"

cpg716 said:
JRPGfan said:
This is like them giveing up before hand.
PS VR is going to take up like 80% of the VR market.

At a 599$ price point this will never become a huge success story for them.
Oculus Rift lose the early adoption rate race.

Sorry.. But console users don't spend huge ammounts on EXPENSIVE peripherals like PC users do..   Console users complain about $79 controllers..    PC  gamers buy $200 keyboards..   and $200 mice..  and $400-$500 GPUs..     I just don't see a large amount of console owners shelling out $300+ on PS VR..      So I dont think dont think Sony willg et 80% of the market.. Oculus will likely be the leader in 2016....    especially if the PS VR is $399 or more.. 

A 150 dollar xbox controller is sold out, achived great sales.  A nearly useless camera add of for PS4 sold millions.   Kinekt sold 25 million on 360.  

There is a history of seling expensive accesories on consoles, they just you know have to actually be good.