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Forums - Politics Discussion - What do you think of Donald Trump?


What do you think about Trump?

He's amazing! GOD BLESS 'MURICA 88 25.51%
Uh... wasn't he a busine... 28 8.12%
Ew, of course not! Especi... 123 35.65%
I'd like a small loan of a million dollars 106 30.72%

Usually, threads or comments towards Trump are either fanboys of him cheering him on, or people that just want to make a quick meme or two out of him. So, I thought a(potential) serious thread about your viewpoints of Trump wouldn't hurt.


This can possibly turn horrible, but I don't mind. There's still hope that a serious conversation about Trump can occur.



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He's just some guy I guess.

Because people hate him, I hate him too.

In all seriousness though, I have no strong opinion, and I could care less about him.

I really hope some things he's said in the past was more pomp than policy.

Trump is a cancerous idiot.

As long as he stays away from a position of power in US government, though, I couldn't care less about him.

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He's just like the founding fathers of the USA. A rich white man who doesn't want to pay his taxes.

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He is a very powerful dumbass


Says what he wants, what most think just don't have the balls to do so.

He knows how to get people fired up, uses simple language the simple american can understand, they are bad not nice i'l take them out.

Hope he wins, fake politicians need a good boot up the ass. A good trumping.

He's a dick, well many dicks.

If you watch jerry springer he's your guy. Personally I don't care who is president because the treasurer will be the same regardless of who gets the vote. 

He's a bubbling idiot. Voters who think he'll do good for his country are kidding themselves. He's all talk, he'll go straight to corporation's so they can "rebuild" the country. He'll just cause more damage, and ruin relationships with allies. He thinks he can tell China to fuck off, and demand mexico builds a wall with their own money. HA! XD

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