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bunchanumbers said:
Gamemaster87 said:
Oh, another Ubisoft game leaked by Kotaku?

HA! and they wonder why they are shunned by developers and gamers now.

OT I liked Watchdogs. I wasn't expecting a world beater because I planned on and bought the Wii U version.

If they find a way to make it fly on Wii U I'd buy Watchdogs 2.

I know watchdogs got a lot of hate but I enjoyed it as well. I thought the story was good and the camera system was also really fun. LIked taking out as many guys as I could before I enetered an area. Not sure if the story will be as good though because the crime of who got his niece killed was already solved.

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Good for AC to have a break and good because WD2 doesnt interest me. Some money in the wallet. ^^

The first was okay, but did little for me. Unless they add to it and make the story and characters interesting I'll likely pass on it.

Bit sooner than expected and I imagine it's going to be rushed again or shit on PC somewhat.


Oh nice - hopefully this means the first game will be discounted more heavily this year so I can get it lol.


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Good, the Wii U version did well for how they treated it, hope the second one comes to Wii U as well with online multiplayer.

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Dream come true if it's right. I'd take watch dogs 2 all day long over another ass creed. And if it's coming 2017 and in Egypt it should be epic too.

Ubisoft should release the pc port of rogue on X1 and ps4 this year along with a HD Collection of the ps3 games.

Dammit, when I skimmed the title my stupid brain jumped to sleeping dogs 2 and got all excited. Then I re-read the title.

I never finished the first one. Kind of a boring game IMO.

dont think so also dont hope so