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zorg1000 said:


Ya handheld will probably be somewhere between Vita & 360 which would probably allow it to handle 360-Wii U level visuals on a small screen with a lower resolution similar to how 3DS is able to handle PS2-Wii level visuals. Since 3DS/N3DS can handle ports of some of the most impressive PS2/Wii games like Metal Gear Solid 3, Dragon Quest VIII, Monster Hunter Tri, Xenoblade Chronicles, than I think it would be realistic for NX handheld to be able to handle the majority of 360/Wii U games.

360 visuals aren't in the same level as Wii U's. A handheld in the near future costing $199 can achieve slightly downgraded wii u visuals at 540p or VERY downgraded wii u visuals (ps360 level) at 720p.

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Thunderbird77 said:
zorg1000 said:


Yes, because it is

Oficial data says it's a little less than 9x.


Semantics, I threw out a ballpark number.

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Nem said:
I would have to agree.

Sony's Playstation Vita proved once and for all that powerful hardware is essential in the fight against the growing smartphone market. Nintendo would be foolish not to follow their lead.


Haha! Win!


The 3DS and the Vita actually proved the opposite OP. Handhelds won't be able to survive if they are priced at 300 or more. "No one" is willing to pay more than 250 for a portable these days. So, the power will be what can be done to fit that constriction. 


Looking at the tech that was crammed into a nexus 7 2 years ago with a 1080 display, there is no excuse for a sluggish handheld this time around.

You can get full windows 10 tablet PCs for under £130 now with 2gb RAM etc. They should be able to put out something a good notch above the Vita with 720p display for under $200 now.

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Dulfite said:


The 3ds wasnt really weak when it first came out. It was in the middle. Also, they like creating new ways to play. The only way they could male your devise is if they didnt include any unique feature (3d), amd then it would fail just like every other "hardcore handheld ( vita, shiel, etc). The nintendo handheld series sell well because nintendo innovates.

Genuiely not sure if serious. You think that 3ds did well because of 3d? Like for real?

Had it not been for certain franchises (Mario, Mario Kart, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, etc), it would have flopped big time.

No it obviously needs to be weaker

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curl-6 said:
Pavolink said:
curl-6 said:
Pavolink said:

Worked for GameBoy. And for mobiles.

If they are after mainstream crew, they care for those things.

Also, Vita's library is the meaning of niche.

It was a totally different market back when the Gameboy ruled.

Consumers in 2016 are not going to drop over $200 for a dedicated portable gaming system when they can play games on the phone they already own. Expensive high-end hardware would be financial suicide.

And the market has changed again. That's why the rejected the 3DS, That's why it failed to grab the mainstreams, That's why they had to do a big price cut after release.

The financial suicide will be releasing another gimped device like the 3DS, and the same can be said about the Wii U.

A high powered dedicated portable released this year or next would sell far worse than the 3DS and financially wreck Nintendo.

They would have to either sell it at a loss and haemorrhage money, or jack the price up beyond what anybody but the most hardcore fans would pay, and have sub-Vita sales.

Or they can make a powerful one if they don't waste space with the backwards compatibility, 3D and dual screens. They can make a cheap hardware with enough power if they dont waste time and space in useless features.

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It should have mid-range smartphone specs. Which is a min of 2GB of ram, and a good dual core to quad core proccessor. So yes, it will certainly be more powerful.

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People mention the upgrade over 3ds res. but you can't overlook the gamepad (480p) especially if the NX HH will work in conjunction with the home version. Nintendo will definitely go above 480p, so that tells me, 540p will be the worst case scenario. Also, 540p/quarterHD battery life would be better than a 720p screen. Lastly, 540p, with Wii U level visuals, means the HW will be around 360/ps3 level, a reasonable jump that most are anticipating.

se7en7thre3 said:
Also, 540p/quarterHD battery life would be better than a 720p screen. Lastly, 540p, with Wii U level visuals, means the HW will be around 360/ps3 level, a reasonable jump that most are anticipating.

960x540 (quarterHD) would have another pro: much easier to port all those Japanese Vita games with 2D assets, when the resolution is almost identical. ;)

Could help in the Japanese market.

I think 540p and 1gb ram is enought.
they could put ps360 visuals on a screen of that size for a cheap enough price.
i think cheaper is better now, for handhelds.
also, with low specs, batery go longer.

id include a option to conect to the home console and play on tv with higher resolution.

And knowing the history of nintendo handhelds resolution, ill be happy if we get 540p, lol