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Which Zelda HD remake will be the bigger one on the WiiU?

Wind Waker. It has years ... 50 34.48%
Twilight Princess. People... 84 57.93%
The remake of the Oracle ... 11 7.59%

yes it will

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The poll is a bit skewed. I think WWHD will outsell TPHD, but not because the NX is coming. If the NX is a home console, then it won't be coming this year, 2017 is more likely. Anyway, I've yet to see a second game in series outsell the first on a Nintendo console;

Twilight Princess outsold Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime outsold Prime 2. Mario Party sold more than MP2, which again sold more than MP3. MP4, 5, 6, 7 follow the same trend, 4 sold the most, 7 the least. Donkey Kong Country outsold 2 and 3, and 2 outsold DKC3.

I don't think so. I don't think the demand is as strong and I doubt Nintendo will push it as hard.

It could be a close call. Twilight Princess HD has a larger install base to sell into but it is likely it will only have about 7 months or so of productive sell time and no Christmas. When NX hits it will be forgotten and when Zelda U hits the Zelda purchasing will shift heavily into that game.

I will just be completely neutral and say that it will sell relatively the same! I think TPHD will sell within 5% of WWHD.


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Anything with Twilight in the title sells.

It depends on if it is advertised better then Wind Waker HD. I think if they put a decent advertisement to let people know about it, they will get slightly better numbers, but if it is about the same, I don't think it will do much better.

Yes because mature link

Yes in 3 weeks it will pass WW to date!