Best Zelda game to start with Zelda franchise for people that didnt play any Zelda

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Because we have so many talk about Zelda and because of hype for Zelda U, I want to make thread for people that didn't play any Zelda, they have desire to try great Zelda franchise but they dont know whats best Zelda game to start with.


In my opinion best Zelda games for start are available on current Nintendo consoles, Ocarina Of Time 3D and Zelda Wind Waker HD. If you preferring handheld gaming then Ocarina of Time 3D, if your preferring home console gaming than Zelda Wind Waker HD.

Because both games are great Zelda games, very accessible and will introduce you great to Zelda core. I think games like Twilight Princes, Skyward Sword, Majoras Mask or any older Zelda games (ALTTP, LA) are not good choice for introducing to Zelda franchise.

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The answer to all Zelda questions is always A Link to the Past.

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Ocarina of Time is a perfect start, imo.

My first Zelda was A Link to the Past, and I think it was a great start.

Ocarina of Time is PERFECT. Not hard and not too easy. Just perfect! That's how I started playing Zelda!  

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The only one worth playing now is WWHD. The rest will appear outdated with bad graphics. Either that or wait for TPHD or Zelda U.

I'm guessing OOT, at least for the 3D Zelda's.

I personally started with ALBW, then LA, Hyrule Warriors, MC, OOT . I already am getting WW HD for xmas but I'll buy & finish MM 3D before I start WW. Then you guessed it, TP HD squeezed before Zelda U.

I shall play SS whenever there's a remake. I don't care for any more old 2D games.

Ocarina of Time is pretty much the perfect spot to start, imo. It was my first Zelda and I feel like it's the right difficulty to begin. I wouldn't recommend anything earlier than that or Majora's Mask though because those are a bit more difficult than the rest. Majora's Mask is probably the worst place to start mostly because it's a bit obscure and confusing and the fact that it's a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time.

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Ocarina of Time is the best in the series in my opinion.

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