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Is Sony trolling us?

Yes 15 46.88%
No 8 25.00%
I like turtles 9 28.13%

Saw this list on neogaf, and added some points:

1. Crash Easter Egg at the Playstation Launch Trailer (Street Sign) -

2. Playstation Brazil tweeting Crash 2 days before the Launch of PS4 -

3. Playstation Europe tweeting about Crash - 

4. Regarding the 20th Anniversary Sony posted a photo of playstation Cakes with Crash on top of them -

5. Sony posting a photo with some iconic video game characters - Crash among them -

6. Playstation Denmark tweeting a photo of Crash in a Christmas Costume -

7. in Playstation Access Video you can see a Crash Bandicoot Sign in the Background saying - Lost Bandicoot -

8. Andre House saying that Sony could revive Crash -

8. Shawn Layden wearing a Crash Bandicoo Shirt on Stage of the PSX -

Teasing for almost 3 damn years and not a thing has conceptualized. I have to think we are at the trolling stage at this point.

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My thinking is that around the beginning of PS4 reveal, sony and acti were toying around the idea of bringing crash back. But it didn't start production until beginning of 2014 when acti could see ps4 sales were good. So that's what the modest teasing was initially about. Game dev times are longer as it is now, around 3 years for a good game, 4 for a greater game. Maybe they just don't want to kill it this time and make a really good classic platformer, whoever is making it. Next year is crash's 20th i believe, so it either gets announced next year, or all the teasing is literally toying. Shawns shirts have had relevance in the past. Vib Ribbon, then later released. Kratos, then later (partially) announced and gow3 released. Just remember, Yoshi Ono was teasing SFxPS4 for a very long time including before PS4 reveal and it only got announced last year.

Doesn't Activision own Crash Bandicoot?

They could buy crash or lent it from acti or even make a contract for it
Who knows