Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I predict Xenoblade Chronicles X will sell NO MORE than 1 Million copes. (Sadly)

How much do you think it'll sell?

Over 4 Million 12 4.76%
Around 3.5 Million 2 0.79%
Around 3 Million 6 2.38%
Around 2.5 Million 3 1.19%
Around 2 million 30 11.90%
Around 1.5 Million 101 40.08%
Less than a Million 35 13.89%
Around 750,000 38 15.08%
Around 500,000 13 5.16%
Lower than 500,000 12 4.76%
ryuzaki57 said:
Likely. Mainly because I don't expect the word of mouth to be good given the shallow characters/story/quests/combat

Whoo boy, based on the localization changes, we're also going to see a lot of plot holes and names that don't necessarily fit in.

Taking words that actually have a motif to them - like "Doll," or the acronym for BLADE - and stripping them of all their meaning by replacing them with terms that don't even fit the original meaning is just insulting the audience.

And, don't forget about the music. I listened to the Doll riding music once after I found out what it was, and...let's just say that I was royally pissed off.



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misty_falls said:
bowserthedog said:

For a JRPG this day and age over 1 million is a big success.  I believe the best selling JRPG this gen to date it Final Fantasy Type-0 with 680k in sales on PS4.

For PS4 maybe, but if you mean the whole 8th generation then it's POKEMON X/Y (14.5 million).


True.. But i'm talking about on consoles.

Sales of Xenoblade X are actually 73% higher in the UK than the original, and the original wasn't rare like in the states. It's also the third best selling game on Wii U behind Kart and Splatoon according to this.