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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I predict Xenoblade Chronicles X will sell NO MORE than 1 Million copes. (Sadly)


How much do you think it'll sell?

Over 4 Million 12 4.76%
Around 3.5 Million 2 0.79%
Around 3 Million 6 2.38%
Around 2.5 Million 3 1.19%
Around 2 million 30 11.90%
Around 1.5 Million 101 40.08%
Less than a Million 35 13.89%
Around 750,000 38 15.08%
Around 500,000 13 5.16%
Lower than 500,000 12 4.76%

I feel it will sell right around 1 million lifetime. I don't expect anything crazy for this game, but it should sell decent enough.

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My hope is it will draw in Jrpg and Wrpg fans as a system seller to that crowd. If that were true which, it won't be, then it would sell millions. In the Wii U vacuum it will not break 1 million.

750k to 1.2 mil


Would be surprising if it sells more than that.


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It'll sell over 1m lifetime.

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The first one almost reached a million, and I doubt this one will do any less. Even more so as this is THE big title for the console this holiday season

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I agree though 1m for a niche title like xenoblade is very good.

Kjartan said:

plus Nintendo is really advertising the game here.

Serious question: are they? I haven't seen a single ad for the thing, and we're only a week away from release.

750-1.5mil in my opinion. Looking forward to the game, regardless of sales

1mil+ IMO. Pretty much everyone who cares about the genre knows of the previous game and the new one is being well received critically.

Looking forward to picking it up in a few days.

A million would be a success, I think, although I'm not sure if it would be a financial success.