If Nintendo had to BUY one, which one?

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If either go under, who would Nintendo buy?

PlayStation 110 70.97%
Xbox 45 29.03%

And now, the annoying sequel to thread about if Nintendo had to be bought by Sony or Microsoft. Cue the sarcastic applause.

Okay, so it's occured to me that Sony's gaming division might not be as profitable as we thought, and Xbox hasn't been profitable for Microsoft most of the time.

Since Nintendo seems to be trumping the two of them financially most of the time, if either PlayStation or Xbox had to file for bankruptsy, which of them would Nintendo buy?

Maybe Xbox, so that Nintendo could regain the rights to various Rare franchises, but many of the original Rare staff left (Not just the ones who formed Playtonic Games), and I don't think Nintendo would do well with grittier brands like Halo or Gears of War.

Maybe Sony, because it could help them make ammends after the big fiasco in the 90s, but just like with Microsoft, Sony's first-parties might be too gritty for Nintendo to work on.

Well, those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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Neither of those companies fit well into Nintendo's philosophies and market strategies. And also both Sony and MS use their videogame brands to sell their own services and products, so it's more than just "being not profitable enough" there. I'm sure they make up for possible videogame losses through a lot of other ways (movies, music, blue-ray license, adds...).

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Playstation even if it may get dumbed down.

Would love to have all my games under one or two platforms rather than three or four l0l.


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"It occured to me that Sony's gaming division might not be as profitable as we thought"

I had a chuckle at this line, because we know how much Sony's gaming division makes, so if you thought it was more profitable, you only have your own lack of research to blame.

As for the actual question; I don't think neither Playstation nor Xbox fits well with Nintendo's philosophy and their ideas, and the most important thing either could bring on the table would be 3rd party support, but I'm not sure 3rd parties would follow whoever bought the xbox/PS brand... I guess Sony though, if only because they're both Japanese.

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Nintendo wouldnt and couldnt buy either.

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They wouldn't have any real reason to buy either of them.

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Won't be happening, but if it happened, PlayStation would make a lot more sense..

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Neither would be valuable to the company.

Well, this is new.


kowenicki said:
New low of nonsense

Nintendo wouldnt and couldnt buy either.

Actually they could. They made a shit ton of money last gen from the Wii and DS and are still making a shit ton of money off of them even now. Freaking Mario Kart Wii has sold 337k THIS year.

Plus, they are making a huge profit from amiibo, both the 3DS and Wii U are bringing in profit. They could buy them if they wanted to.

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Nintendo dont need to buy Playstation.... all they need to do is steal some of their tallent away from them.
And spend a bit of $ on getting 3rd party onboard again.