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Nintendo anyone? Thats seriously what I though seeing those figures. As far as hardware goes, their hardware literally doubles sonys and microsofts combined. Along with top four software. PS2 and GBA interest me though, the gen that wouldnt die.

Looks like Japan invaded Canada! Good luck for the Sony PR...

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Actually whats interesting is the PSP, somehow everyone at my school has one or wants one and I am one of the few who has a DS

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Predictions:Sales of Wii Fit will surpass the combined sales of the Grand Theft Auto franchiseLifetime sales of Wii will surpass the combined sales of the entire Playstation family of consoles by 12/31/2015 Wii hardware sales will surpass the total hardware sales of the PS2 by 12/31/2010 Wii will have 50% marketshare or more by the end of 2008 (I was wrong!!  It was a little over 48% only)Wii will surpass 45 Million in lifetime sales by the end of 2008 (I was wrong!!  Nintendo Financials showed it fell slightly short of 45 million shipped by end of 2008)Wii will surpass 80 Million in lifetime sales by the end of 2009 (I was wrong!! Wii didn't even get to 70 Million)

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Wii 42,100
DS 34,900
PS2 18,000
360 12,800
PSP 12,100
GBA 7,900
PS3 7,200


Two of those DS's belong to my girlfriend and I. And DAMN was it hard to find them! The Entire GTA was sold out of DS's almost all month. We were finally able to get some when shipments came in around April 22nd. And since then they just keep coming. Now most stores have them in stock(There were 22 of them in the Burlington Future Shop!). It really looks like Nintendo was waiting till May to up shipments. So May numbers are going to be ludicrously higher.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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