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Who do you think will win Black Friday 2015?

Xbox One 124 26.78%
PS4 290 62.63%
LOL....Wii U 49 10.58%

Hmmm. There should be some sort of compulsion on people who make predictions like these to front up. Because you know if Xb one had actually won BF this thread woulda got a bump from the OP.

But one must admit that while best line up in Xbox history didn't give it the BF win, it did give it a small YoY boost.

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Sharpryno said:
This poll just shows you how much hate the XBO gets on this site from Nintendo and Sony people.

XBO will dominate the PS4 on Black Friday just like it did last year. It set a record for most consoles sold on Black Friday.

well it didn't dominate.  The only reason xb1 won last year was because it was at 350(330 on BF) with 2 games.  At the same value, it wouldn't have won like this year has proven.

Angelv577 said:

 MS couldn't provide a cheaper xbox one

They still did that, just not on every retailer.

And lol @ "hating XBO"

I love this bumps!

S.T.A.G.E. said:
ArchangelMadzz said:
Hmm the force may argue with you..

It didnt argue last year. LOL

It made itself known this year, never doubt the power of star wars.

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