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Skullwaker said:
XenatheStrangler said:
How does Microsoft own Minecraft if it's putting it on Nintendo?

It was put on PS4 and PSV after the acquisition, iirc. They just want to make as much money as possible from it.

Why Minecraft and not halo 5?

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XenatheStrangler said:

Probably because Minecraft was multiplatform long before MS got their hands on it, and it's a juggernaut of an IP because of it. Halo is a huge system seller for them and the defining face of Xbox, so putting it on Wii U or any other platform (aside from maybe PC) would be not only shooting themselves in the foot, but also helping their competitiors. 

In short: no one is going to buy a Wii U over an XBO because of Minecraft, because the game would be on both platforms. So they might as well rake in the cash.

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Minecraft amiibos... Holy shit. This needs to happen.

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This should have happened on the Wii. The fact it took this long is just sad. Not that I will play the Nintendo version. I would rather get it on PC mind you. However Nintendo was stupid to not chase after this game.

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I will get it but... I doubt we're going to get the bigger worlds that we saw on PS4 and Xbone. It'll probably be a port of the 360 version which would kind of suck. I don't know if I can go back to such such small worlds lol

FloatingWaffles said:
Hopefully this means there will be a version ready for the NX as well.

I mean, it's nice that it's coming to Wii U and it definitely is better late than never, but at this point the Wii U is apparently in its final stages of its console cycle so it won't help as much as an NX version could right there at launch.

Maybe it will be digitally BC? Or maybe we'll get the NX version for cheap like the Xbox One?

JWeinCom said:
LipeJJ said:

Not sure if the Wii U version will do good enough being so late in the system life.

From my understanding, the Wii U version of Minecraft Story mode runs on Minecraft's engine.  So, it's not going to be a huge effort to bring it to the Wii U.  If it sells 1-200,000 units it'd probably break even.  

I would hope that'd be able to clear 500k easily. With the splatoon audience that's been brought in, I'd expect 500k in Japan alone.

If it´s a good port with the obvious gamepad features for menus and crafting, I'm buying it.

It is not confirmed though, so the title is kind of misleading.