Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Game Awards are Dec. 3rd. What to expect from Nintendo?

It really depends on whether the Direct is before or after, and what is shown in the Direct..

but I'm sure they won't pass the opportunity to show off something like Star Fox or who knows, maybe even Zelda U?!

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A Direct either before or after.

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SJReiter said:

The Game Awards are Dec. 3rd. What to expect from Nintendo?

Nothing. They pretend Wii U not exist.

"What to expect from Nintendo?"

Going by recent form, probably dissapointment

I hope to see them showing off Pikmin 4 IF they announce it in a Direct BEFORE the Game Awards

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the_dengle said:
Calling it. Tribute to Iwata.

i imagine this is how they will begin or end the show

the_dengle said:
Calling it. Tribute to Iwata.

This is guaranteed to happen, it's almost cheating to call it.



t3mporary_126 said:

"The show — called, simply, the Game Awards — is now the closest thing the games business has to its own Oscars. The second Game Awards show will take place Dec. 3 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, where Mr. Keighley is expecting about 4,000 attendees, compared with 3,500 last year. He projects that the Internet audience will be more than the two million who watched in 2014. While game companies were the only advertisers last year, he has nabbed Verizon as one of the sponsors this year."

Oh, and since this is occuring at a Microsoft Theater, I think its safe to expect more annoucements for Xbox and PC than Nintendo this year who wants to be quiet about everything until next year (because of NX).

The fact that it's at the Microsoft Theater doesn't really mean anything. Nintendo had their World Championship and their Smash Invitational Tournament in the same place (and a lot of their e3 press conferences), but somewhere in the beginning of this year or last year Microsoft chose to change its name from Nokia Theater to Microsoft Theater.
I think it would be best for Nintendo to have a big presence on TGA, because they can reach a far bigger audience, that they'd normally wouldn't reach, than with their directs.


Why limit this thread to Nintendo? It was an announcement for the Game Awards date yet it was only limited to Nintendo.

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Anything is possible, I think we will have Nintendo Direct in next 2 weeks so really depends what they will show in Direct and what they will reserve for Game Awards.
So Star Fox Zero, Pokken Tournament, maybe Pikmin 4 and Zelda TP HD or Zelda U are definitely possible for Game Awards. Of Course I don't think they will show all this games on Game Awards but some of them probably, really depends on Nintendo Direct.