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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Black Ops 3 PS3 screenshots leaked, absolutely shit. Images inside

You have been warned...

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These are fake right?


EDIT: Didn't see PS3, still terrible though. How can they be happy with putting a product like this out? Especially when games like Modern Warfare 2 looked so much better. Obviously the intention is to get people on to the new generation.

There's still money to be made on ps3 I know, but come on already. This looks much worse than the older code for that platform. Add to that no singleplayer on it and you have a title even movie licensed games can surpass

This looks too shit to be true. Even for COD standards these days.

Those ultra HD textures XD. This is embarrassing. Why did they even bother with PS360?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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zumnupy10 said:

This looks too shit to be true. Even for COD standards these days.

That is so bad I refuse to believe it and I'm gonna go ahead and says it will be "fixed" with a day 1 patch.

this shit cant be true? why even release a last gen version. the older CoD games are 60 FPS and look MUCH better than this.

That's gotta be a hoax.

Someone on NeoGAF is claiming that there will be a 8GB Day 1 patch

Wow and I think I heard it only runs at 30fps too unless I'm mistaken.
Why even release this? They should just scrap PS3/360 at this point. Mortal kombat X got cancelled and tony hawk 5 got pushed back but will probably end up getting cancelled too. Same should happen here too. Devs clearly care more about the new consoles now.