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So are the days leading up to BF useless because people are holding back?

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good start for PS4.

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Taggy tag.

Those Star Wars and Cod bundles (SW especially) are going to sell ALOT... not sure why people think Blackfriday will suddenly make it an XBO win because SW is unlike no other bundle imho.

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This should be brutal. Tag

I will tag, even though I think this thread will be replaced.

If Amazon remains accurate, X1 may be in for a tough month. Even the regular Star Wars bundle has been comfortably ahead of the Fallout bundle, which I assume MS deem their biggest sku for the majority of the month before BF. Star Wars LE bundle preorders seem well ahead of the Halo bundle, and Cod may get close to Halo numbers as well, although I think it will be a bit short.

Does anyone remember last November when MS announced/released all those bundles and X1 was outselling PS4 4/5:1? Nothing they have this year comes close to the value of the Ass Creed bundle.

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This thread reads like a lot of Germans greeting each other

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