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Which one?

Mario 132 18.78%
Zelda 255 36.27%
Metroid 65 9.25%
Kirby 9 1.28%
Donkey Kong 18 2.56%
Super Smash Bros. 54 7.68%
Fire Emblem 36 5.12%
Pokémon 74 10.53%
Star Fox 11 1.56%
Other 49 6.97%


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Pavolink said:
Zelda, but I'm not confident in the team behind it.

Don't be so pavo, Link.

Definitely Zelda. That series holds my favorite game of all time (Wind Waker), and the other games are fantastic as well.

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Mario 64 and galaxy games, 2d games and my favourite Mario of them all being sunshine just yes. All the Mario for me.

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It's a straight shootout between the two biggies for me, Mario and Zelda. Ultimately as much as I love Zelda and the games are more substantive, platformers are my favourite genre, and no one does it better than Mario. He probably wins on the strength of the "Super Mario" series alone for me. Chuck in Mario Kart as well, and yeah, only one winner.

Animal Crossing deserves a place on the poll, and would probably be my 3rd.

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Zelda, for me. In my mind it's the best and most consistent video game series. Close behind is Super Mario.

Both series have produced masterpiece after masterpiece for 30 years. 

Was pretty obvious Zelda would be leading but I figured Mario would be a lot closer considering it counts Mario Kart/Party etc.

Zelda is the answer

Nothing to see here, move along

1. Zelda
2. Mario
3. Pokémon

Pocket Monsters

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