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Will NX have paid online

Yes 51 19.47%
No 103 39.31%
Maybe 45 17.18%
NX sucks! 19 7.25%
Other 2 0.76%
I like pizza 42 16.03%

So it seems that the consoles (ps4, xbo) have paid online for 50-60$ each year and they offer great discounts on digital games and 2+ games. Do you think nintendo will do such a thing with NX for $40 paid fee for 1 year and you get a NX game and a virtual console game? Maybe this could tie into DeNA and its a smart way to make money for nintendo. Do you see this happening?

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I doubt it will, but it would be interesting seeing everyone's reactions if they did do it for the NX.


Seriously, screw anyone who thinks paid online is a good idea.

I wouldn't buy Mario Kart, Splatoon or Monster Hunter if they all have paid online.



Will NX have online?

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I think it will, yes.

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No, but I would be down for a Virtual Console monthly subscription if they upped the support on VC.

It should, but it should include unlimited access to the Nintendo back catalogue. That would excite people and guarantee steady revenue for the company.

I hope not.

Don't Worry About It.

I'm going to assume no since they might want to use it as a marketing feature.

And I think they will have less success overall tbqh. That said, considering there other ways they try and make money I can see them trying paid online in hope their fans accept the idea. With games like mk, splatoon and smash they do have the means to enforce it.