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Most Underrated Console?

Original Xbox 41 11.11%
Gamecube 82 22.22%
Saturn 20 5.42%
PS Vita 78 21.14%
Wii U 97 26.29%
Sega Mastersystem 9 2.44%
Other 42 11.38%

WiiU, GC and TurboGrafx 16.

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Other - Wii.

The other systems listed were filler, were poor outings for their respective companies, and did nothing to expand or improve the industry.

Gamecube is by far the most overrated console, particularly on this forum.

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For me it has to be the 3DO. People don't seem to realise it actually competed very well with ps1 for performance often providing better graphics.





ps3-sales! said:
Tempted to say OG Xbox, but probably Wii U.

Honestly the only thing keep me from buying is the dumb gamepad. The games look rockin'.

Wii U is an awesome system man. The gamepad is not that big of a deal (though I agree it holds the system back a bit)

PSP, although it sold well I feel like people gave the system way too much shit. Played that more than my DS.

But I guess if I had to pick a true underdog, the Dreamcast for sure. Died way too soon, had an amazing 2 years.

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The Dreamcast it was ahead of its time it had online play before it was common. Plus the VMU's where pretty good also. On top of all that it had one of the best launch games in North America with SoulCalibur.

Definitely the original Xbox. The hardware (CPU, GPU, RAM, built in hard drive, built in ethernet port) was significantly more advanced than PS2 and Gamecube, so it typically had the best looking version of cross platform games. It also had a lot interesting PC games ported to it. Not to mention some great Sega exclusives and the original Halo. Oh yeah, and Xbox Live, which at the time was a pretty groundbreaking service to have on a console.

People tend to not think much of this system since it had a pretty short life and overall didn't have a lot of really memorable games to call its own. And of course the system and its original controller were kind of ugly.

Gamecube and Dreamcast

I'm going to go with the Gamecube for now. I wouldn't be surprised if my answer changed to the Wii U by the end of the generation though.

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BraLoD said:
pbroy said:
Dreamcast, that bitch had better graphics than PS2.

LOL, nope.

Try telling that to FF12, GoW2, GT4, etc.
PS2 was actually able to handle HD, dammit.

It wasn't really HD. It was just upscaling the image. Like what Metal Gear Sold 4 does on the PS3. Or all the 900p games. Which is funny. The PS2 did the same thing. But everyone now goes ape shit, if it isn't real 1920x1080. I'm saying PS Vita or Gamecube. The orignal XBOX did fine. I don't know why it's there. Saturn. Sega's fault it messed up. Master System, it's fine too. It's just forgotten about in the Sega history line sometimes. Vita. Sony didn't screw up. It was just something that wasn't needed. And failed for those reasons. Gamecube becase of PS2 and Xbox making it become ignored. And appearences. It was still actually good.