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Are we returning to normal?

Yess! 19 25.00%
I've lost all hope 34 44.74%
I don't care anymore 23 30.26%

Nah. The updates have been quite erratic, and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.

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Neodegenerate said:
Nope. I think it is going to continue with the feast or famine style of postings we have been getting. We are just in a feast period.

Yeah the feast cycle is as bad as the famine cycle. When you dump a heap of data onto the site it makes having a weekly analytical discussion difficult. And when updated data is still a month old the level of interest is new data that is already old is pretty low. 

If weekly updates can't be reliably achieved, move to official monthly updates and commit to releasing a full month's data between 10 and 14 days after the month ends.

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I highly doubt it.

All these months of hard work and we still need to do more.. Some might have noticed the disappearance of members... so I'm gonna be honest about that: we need to sacrifice more souls to get the numbers...


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Don't jinx it! Everyone someone does, it gets delayed even more


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And its still almost 2 months behind.

Is it bad that I don't care anymore?

Well it got updated a few times a day in July and then it stopped, so I wouldn't bet on it continuing, if anything I think they will get more few and far between, but I hope I'm wrong.

It is kind of tough to care when some of the numbers are blatantly wrong.  The 3DS for example seems to have been adjusted up slightly.  That is despite VGC already showing more units sold to consumers on June 27th than Nintendo had shipped to stores by June 30th.

Granted these issues with the 3DS hardware have been going on for far longer than the recent drought of updates.

Not a chance. They have to be consistent with their updates for me to believe everything is alright.