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Welcome back to the Pokemon Olympic games! Today we'll have another exciting event, the aerial sprint race! In this event the Pokemon that each team selected will be flying as quickly as they can from start to finish in this short race. The most important things about this race is how fast a Pokemon can start and how fast their stop speed is. Now, before we get into the event we'll have the results of the previous race, the diving competition!

Event #2:

Event #2 Results:

Overall Individual Results:

Now, This competition has 12 competitors, works very much like the Best user competition where each position will be given points and the one with the most over all will win. Here is an example of how you will vote this competition:

12p Squirtle

11p Treecko

10p Chimchar

All the way down until 1 point. These places represent who you think will place first with the one you think will win getting 12 points with the one you think would lose getting 1 and every placement in between.

Now that the rules have been explained we will now introduce the Pokemon that were selected to represent their generation!

Representing Generation 1 - Kanto, we have:

Pidgeot and Aerodactyl
Representing Generation 2 - Johto, we have:
Crobat andSkarmory
Representing Generation 3 - Hoenn, we have:
Swellow andLatios
Representing Generation 4 - Sinnoh, we have:
Staraptor andGliscor
Representing Generation 5 - Unova, we have:
Archeops andBraviary
Representing Generation 6 - Kalos, we have:
Talonflame andNoivern
Remember to vote, you must rank these Pokemon from 12 points to 1 poing with 12 points being the winner. May the fastest flier win!
Comentators: Wow, this race is going to be amazing, just looking at this line up every generation has brought its A-Game. Generation 1 has Pidgeot and Aerodactyl. Both Pokemon are extremely fast and they look like they're ready to take gold, but then we look at Johto. Crobat and Skarmory. Both are also very fast and have a good shot at taking the gold medal. Generation 3 is no slouch either, bringing in one of their legendary Pokemon for this race Latios along side swellow. Will we see anotherblow out like how Lugia dominated the diving race from Latios? Generation 4 has another set of very fast Pokemon in Gliscor and Staraptor. The more we look at this field the more excited we get! This is going to be an extremely fast and extremely good race! Generation 5 has been struggling and with a line up this stacked can Archeops and Braviary pull out a win and get them on the board? Generation 6 has also been struggling however after speaking to their team leader they say they are very confident in this event and they plan on taking the gold Medal and silver medal. Bold clams for sure but who knows? It is quite possible.
The Sprinters are now under starting orders, Everyone do not blink as this race might just be over in the blink of an eye! On your Marks! Get set! Bang!

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12p Latios
11p Crobat
10p Pidgeot
9p Talonflame
8p Noivern
7p Staraptor
6p Gliscor
5p Aerodactyl
4p Swellow
3p Archeops
2p Braviary
1p Skarmory

This was the toughest decision I have ever had to make... all of these guys are good.

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12p Staraptor
11p Noivern
10p Latios
9p Talonflame
8p Pidgeot
7p Crobat
6p Swellow
5p Archeops
4p Braviary
3p Aerodactyl
2p Gliscor
1p Skarmory

Tough one to call. Skarmory is probably the slowest especially with it being a steel type so seems a safe bet for last. I think Gliscor being more of a gliding than flying pokemon will hold back its speed as well so don't expect much from it. As for the rest, well it's all gonna be pretty close!

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12p - Latios
11p - Noivern
10p - Staraptor
9p - Talonflame
8p - Pidgeot
7p - Swellow
6p - Crobat
5p - Braviary
4p - Aerodactyl
3p - Archeops
2p - Skarmony
1p - Gliscor

Damn, this one will definitely be one of the closest events! There isn't a dominating pokemon and each gen has a solid lineup. Can't wait to see the results!


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12p Talonflame
11p Noivern
10p Crobat
9p Latios
8p Swellow
7p Pidgeot
6p Aerodactyl
5p Staraptor
4p Archeops
3p Braviary
2p Gliscor
1p Skarmory

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12p Latios
11p Crobat
10p Staraptor
9p Aerodactyl
8p Archeops
7p Swellow
6p Talonflame
5p Gliscor
4p Pidgeot
3p Noivern
2p Skarmory
1p Braviary

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12p Swellow
11p Pidgeot
10p Aerodactyl
9p Talonflame
8p Crobat
7p Latios
6p Gliscor
5p Noivern
4p Skarmory
3p Staraptor
2p Braviary
1p Archeops


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12p - Latios
11p - Noivern
10p - Skarmory 
9p - Staraptor
8p - Talonflame
7p - Aerodactyl
6p - Pidgeot
5p - Crobat
4p - Swellow
3p - Braviary
2p - Archeops
1p - Gliscor

12p - Latios
11p - Pidgeot
10p - Staraptor
9p - Talonflame
8p - Crobat
7p - Swellow
6p - Noivern
5p - Braviary
4p - Aerodactyl
3p - Skarmony
2p - Archeops
1p - Gliscor

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