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I think King Lucius is the real villain. This will be a huge plot twist.

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Wagram said:

Apparently there's an extended trailer during the ATR at noon.

Here's hoping we see magic, summons, and areas outside of Duscae.

Now i found it, it will be at 18:00 cet, so in 4,5 hours...hope the announce the most important thing, the release date

I still can't tell if I should be excited for this game, but either way every time there's a new trailer for this game I can't get over how beautiful these graphics are. I don't think there's any other game that looks nearly this good.

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if that is the only trailer they have, then I'm disappointed.

The ATR better give some juicy info

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Well that trailer was a whole lot of nothing.

I'm guessing this is just a teaser trailer. The quality and the details are very impressive as well as the music. Also loved the emotion with Noctis and his father. Square-Enix is going to develop a dramatic and engaging storyline. Can't wait. 

Looks great!!!

Unfortunately still no release date, but looks fantastic!

what a big fucking nothing this was, no release date, 3 minutes hug scene.

Fuck you square and fuck you tabata.