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We see some 2016 games but next to Zelda U it just says TBD. Looks like Zelda U might not make it next year. I hope I'm wrong though. Looks like a Twilight Princess scenario again.


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As far as I know, Zelda always had been "TBD" since the report.

This has already been posted and Zelda has been TBD for a few months now.

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Still thinking it's a 2016 release, but Zelda U has been TBD since the announcement of the delay

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Zelda will probably release Holiday 2016.

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I remember that Skyward sword didn't get a release date until August 2011, it only released three months later.

I'm not expecting Zelda this year, that's for sure.

Don't worry. It will come in holiday 2016 alongside Zelda editions for Wii U and NX.

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