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Such a sad day, but this warmed my heart a little and the media picked up on it ... apparently yesterday afternoon as everyone was processing the news of Mr. Iwata's passing, in Kyoto a rainbow formed over Nintendo's HQ.


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Beautiful. Nintendo stands for things that are wholesome a lot of the time, they stand for pure forms of gaming and even if it doesn't always lead to the best results it is a great aspiration.

I think it's a company that makes the heavens smile personally.

Thats Iwata saying everything will be alright


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Moments like this make concepts of higher forces all the more convincing

Captain_Yuri said:
Thats Iwata saying everything will be alright

Hahaha I forgot about that gif!!!

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; )

Foh God got time for making rainbows for a guy who made video games in Japan but not enough time to save millions of my people back home dying from starvation and dehydration 

This ain't got nothing to do with a higher power stop it

Nice :) a little comfort.

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Iwata smiling down at us.

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Makes me smile every time I see this picture

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