Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Now that Satoru Iwata (RIP) has passed away, what do you think will change at Nintendo?

I think this is not the time for a thread like this. I agree with other users above me.

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I'm going to apply for his job.

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spurgeonryan said:

RIP for sure, but he was ill for a while and I am sure they have been looking into replacements for a long time. With the 3DS not being as huge as the DS and the Wii U struggling, and his illness it has to have been a thought.


How much did he actually control? What was some of his policies that others with power in the company did not approve of?

Can life without Iwata in charge of Nintendo, now that he is gone, be different? Better?


Again rest in peace sweet Japanese king, May your legacy live forever!


What say you?

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BMaker11 said:

They'll get with the times. Relationships with 3rd parties will become more abundant, they'll realize online gaming is a big part of consoles, and they may even put use a non-proprietary medium for their next console (as in, they'll use bluray)

Can't you troll later? Nintendo is more than in line with the times. Relationships with third parties needs both sides to work but 3rd parties are unprofessional. It's beyond stupid saying nintendo doesn't think online gaming is a big part of their business. Using bluray would be no different than their current format.

P.S: rip Satoru Iwata.

Way too soon - at least give it 24 hours.


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My hope is only up from here. I unlike many on this thread did not care for what he did with the Wii or WiiU. While there are a few cool things about both consoles overall I feel they are off in no man's land doing things that are unique but really not all that appealing. At least not to me! I think Iwata failed to realize that Nintendo was Disney and could dominate every corner of entertainment from tv, movies, music to the most important of all, gaming! But maybe that is not his fault and more a product of Japanese business culture.

I hope for a Nintendo with a more vibrant online community! I want to see them use modern and relevant technology as compared to their peers. Most of all start to market to not just the Nintendo fan base but the larger gaming community with 3rd party support.

BasiltheBatLord said:
maybe a little off-topic but press release made it sound like Takeda and Miyamoto are interim co-presidents of Nintendo?

that seems weird, anyone know more about that?

They had three "Representative Directors" within Nintendo - Iwata himself, plus Takeda and Miyamoto. Iwata passed away, so Takeda and Miyamoto are the remaining Representative Directors, and thus, I think, will be taking on duties that would normally be Iwata's, until a new President is selected. Miyamoto and Takeda also had the title of "Senior Managing Director" (as opposed to Iwata's "President").

Takeda's third title is "Chief Director of General Development", while Miyamoto's is "Chief Director of Information Development". So I expect that Takeda will become President, as Takeda's responsibilities are broader than Miyamoto's already (Miyamoto's responsibilities all laid within the software side, whereas Takeda worked with both software and hardware - incidentally, he was a lead designer of the Wii).

I somewhat hope that Takeda's current role is then replaced by someone outside of Japan. I think that Nintendo could use some fresh blood in the shift. Note that by "outside of Japan", I don't necessarily mean "not Japanese". An example of what I mean is Shibata - head of Nintendo of Europe, but Japanese (NoE is primarily a distribution/advertising arm, so I wouldn't expect him to become Chief Director of General Development, of course).

I suspect that what will actually happen is either Shinya Takahashi (currently Chief Director of Planning and Development) or Susumu Tanaka (currently Chief Director of Operation, previously Director of Overseas Business and Deputy Chief Director of Main Operation Unit) will be promoted to Chief Director of General Development, as they seem to be the ones most closely aligned with the role Takeda has been in.

I seriously hope that they don't make the mistake of making Shigeyuki Takahashi the new President. He's the Director of Finance and Chief Director of Administration, and hasn't ever had a job as a developer of any sort. Nintendo doesn't need a non-gaming guy calling the shots at all.

If things do change, they will be for the worse.

too soon anyone?
please at least wait til tomorrow.

I was going to make the same thread until I realize I should wait until things getting better.

On Topic: If the new CEO is the young guy, expect him to make some radical decision. Otherwise, nothing will change IMO.

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