Forums - Sales Discussion - Wii U or Vita, which has been more successful/profitable?

Wii U or Vita

Vita has 2 million more sales 63 27.04%
Wii U has 2 games enterin... 137 58.80%
see results 31 13.30%
other, post below 2 0.86%

I suppose Wii has lost less money than vita but both are failure.

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I think the Vita is most successful in my context: The Wii U will negatively impact how consumers see Nintendo more than the Vita does for Sony in the long run. I'm not sure how that'll affect sales near or long term, but one will be scrutinized for more than the other and I believe that is more important than the sales/"success" of either.

Probably Wii U since it made profit from a few of its games.

So it's come to this...

I would assume Wii U is more profitable because 1st party sofware does really well. Vita software sales are abysmal, Sony doesent even support it.

However, Nintendo probably spends more on hardware and advertising. But it will inevitably sell more units then Vita.

Bottom line, Sony cut its losses on Vita and the mobile market. Nintendo might be losing money actually supporting their platfom because they still want a home console audience.

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For the hardvvare manufacturers: VVii U (Nintendo)
For 3rd partys: Vita (Not Sony)

Overall: Vita

Both are flops and both have sold significantly less than their predecessors. I think the Wii U has been slightly more successful than the Vita though.


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Wii U, clearly. It sold more games, and most of them are Nintendo published titles.

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Wii U. The profit margins on the games are way more than what Sony makes with 3rd party vita games.

daredevil.shark said:
None are profitable. Last year Sony "wrote off" PS Vita and PS Vita TV from its earnings. Wii U is also in same boat.

actually no Wii U is in fact profitable