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When will the next update be?

1 Week or less 10 7.94%
1-2 Weeks 6 4.76%
2-3 Weeks 16 12.70%
3-4 Weeks 9 7.14%
More than 4 weeks? 85 67.46%

So it's been since May 31st since the last update and that was only a preorder update, though the charts are update to May 16th.


So when does everyone think we'll see some new charts again? I know we've had some topics explaining why the charts are behind and that's fine, I'm not here to attack anything. Just a friendly poll to see what everyone's thoughts are, and perhaps throw a few bets on board!

I'm going to say the next update is July 3rd (within 1 week).

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The chartz are as delayed as Zelda U


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Captain_Yuri said:
The chartz are as delayes as Zelda U

That comment hurts my soul D:

I don't think there will ever be another update. vgchartz is pretty much dead. But it got boring anyway, because what do you expect? PS4 is dominating everything and their mother, there won't be much more happening this gen.

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In 2 weeks.


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Yeah, honestly... I'm not expecting any more updates, the sales section of the website has pretty much died and become completely irrelevant, and the only reason people visit is for the forums... I'd say for the articles too, but even they tend be put up slower than most other websites.

You're changing the outcome with this thread. The more threads about missing charts, the earlier it happens.

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vivster said:
You're changing the outcome with this thread. The more threads about missing charts, the earlier it happens.

Perhaps I had a hidden agenda ;)

Let me say first that I hope ioi (is that the right username?) is ok. I hope that he has just gotten bored with doing the updates, or he doesn't have time to do them anymore, rather than dealing with some sort of crisis. That being said, assuming he's not dealing with some sort of crisis, if he doesn't plan to update anything anymore, I wish there would be an announcement to that effect.

OT: Like others, I have my doubts that there will ever be another update.