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Who won the E3 ? @ All VGChartz User

The PlayStation 4 (Sony) 1,279 68.03%
The Xbox1 (MS) 279 14.84%
nintendo digital event 105 5.59%
see results 217 11.54%
CosmicSex said:
GribbleGrunger said:
Same result as the Gaf thread.

I gave MS a 9/10 but Sony killed it so much I would have to lower the score for MS just to express how much better the Sony conference was. 10/10 just doesn't express the gap.

Can you link to that thread please.

You'd have just as much luck finding it as me! I'll try though.



The PS5 Exists. 

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yvanjean said:

Sony conference:

Horizon and Uncharted 4 stole the show.

Last Guardian still has to prove gameplay and doesn't release till 2016.
No man sky still doesn't have gameplay and release date.
Shenmue 3 is a kickstarter, won't be AAA production and won't release till 2017 or later. 
FF7 remake  is a 2017 or later. 

Microsoft Conference:

Biggest bomb drop was Backward compability. 

Followed by:

This year 2015:

THANK YOU! Feel like Im the only guy here who saw things without Nostalgia goggles.

Sony left 2015 in the dust, and FF& is only timed exclusive, with Last Guardian still existing qualifying for a "megaton".

MS hit all the right notes with nostalgia, tech demos, established IPs, new IPs, and keeping 2015 a big year for games. And still they can't beat really know the ratio of console war fans on the internet at times like this.


Even 'see results' is beating Nintendo...

Microsoft used the conference as a reminder of things we already knew.

Do you really got surprised when Forza, Halo or Gears were announced?

Sony captured the spirit of E3. What Microsoft did could have done any other day of the year.

padib said:
sales2099 said:

Please tell me how exactly. What did Sony do that made theirs better?

They presented long-awaited games (TLG, FFVII RE), and some very impressive visual experiences (UC4, TLG, Horizon), as well as securing some exclusive content (COD, Destiny) and some exclusive 3rd party games (Square enix games).

MS also showed some of those items (not all), but in lesser quantity.

I agree that these items we'll need to wait to get them, but they were properly demoed and that means they're officially coming.

All they did was confirm that The Last Guardian still exists.......they made a 2009 announcement repackaged for 2015. FF7 would be huge....if it was a PS4 exclusive. It is timed and therefore posed no big "win" then Tomb Raider does for Xbox.

3rd party DLC is something MS did for years....and was criticized for. Horizon was a great surprise, but MS showed Recore and Sea of Thieves. The new IP reactions are all subjective, I get that, but it ain't like MS was a slouch in new IP announcements. We know Uncharted and TLG would be gorgeous, but it aint like Halo 5 and Forza 6 were lacking in their presentations either. 

The big things Sony showed are all 2016 and later while 2015 will have Uncahrted Collection as their sole heavy hitter. MS has a stacked 2015 lineup and is doing backwards compatibility.

Given my response, I look forward to your reply.


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sales2099 said:
padib said:
Fusioncode said:

Dat about sums it up.

No, it doesn't at all. Both MS and Sony had a great e3, Sony just did better.

Please tell me how exactly. What did Sony do that made theirs better?

Well let's see, we got stunning gameplay demos of Uncharted 4 and Horizon, which in my humble opinion are the two best looking games of the show. I know you'll disagree but Microsoft's demos of Gears 4, Halo 5, and Tomb Raider all underwhelmed. Tomb Raider especially looked like a cutscene with how little gameplay was actually involved. Dreams was an interesting and quirky new title. Seeing The Last Guardian again was a joy, it looks great even though it's not launching for another year. No Man's Sky continues to intrigue me. And of course, the confirmation of a Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III pretty much brought the house down. Backwards Compatibility is a nice announcement for Microsoft but it doesn't come close to the excitement generated by FFVII and Shenmue III. 

It's not hard to figure out why people liked the conference so much. 

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

i didn't watch nintendo but i thought the best announcements were (in no particular order):

final fantasy VII remake
uncharted 4
vue supporting ala cart channels
xbox backwards compatibility

sony won in volume. sony had the more surprising reveals for sure with FFVII and shenmue and TLG. ...but microsoft did put on a good show. ms's show in any other year could easily have been the best show,.. it's just sony put on the most epic show that has ever happened this year.

i want to also mention,.. sony deserves props for its conspicuous absence. not showing (or i guess dwelling) on project morpheous was a good move. i hope they give it its own show sometime soon but not showing making it a focus of E3 was a good move. gamers want to know the games they are getting for the hardware they already bought at E3. morpheous needs its own reveal show like the ps4 got to focus only on why someone should care about investing in that platform.

sales2099 said:

Seems no matter what MS does, bias always wins.

MS: Here's backwards compatibility, remasters/collections, favorite IP sequels, new IPs, Indie support, and VR doing something different then the competition.

No Kinect, no COD (which Sony had), and all time was dedicated to game, except for Hololens, which people were atcually excited about.

Sony: Timed exclusive FF7, confirming The Last Guardian still exists,funding Shenmue 3 which you can't play until 2+ years later, timed exclusive 3rd party DLC

Off course this is a oversimplification, but I really want to talk about this. Sony is banking on nostalgia (which MS too) while leaving 2015 with next to no big title releases, with Uncharted Collection being the headliner.

Well...yeah.  How is one meant to be "objective" about what games they are excited about?  People have different tastes and these companies often appeal to those market's bias.

Even though FFVII is timed exclusive, the damage is done. And it is most likely PS4/PC only anyways just like the original, and it'll sell more on PS4 too.

The_BlackHeart__ said:
Microsoft used the conference as a reminder of things we already knew.

Do you really got surprised when Forza, Halo or Gears were announced?

Sony captured the spirit of E3. What Microsoft did could have done any other day of the year.

Yet Uncharted 4 is seemingly a big part of Sonys conference, which we allready knew about.

Sure MS did the trifecta Halo, Gears, Forza. But we got two new IPs, a 30 game for $30 Rare collection, and did what we all thought wasn't going to happen: backwards compatibility.

The biggest points from Sony IMO are a TIMED exclusive FF7 remake, and repackaged a 2009 announcement for 2015 with The Last Guardian. They merely confirmed the game still exists, while leaving the rest of 2015 in the hands of 3rd party deals. Please help me understand why Sony won over MS.