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Seriosuly people, you are all sounding like kids that didn't got what they wanted for Xmas, even though you knew beforehand your parents wouldn't buy it too you.  Before I begin to try and get my point across, let play a game, may be that will help all of this people understand better, seeing how they are acting :v

1.  Now everybody say it with me!  What did Nintendo said they were going to show at E3?


Very good!  And you know what?  They did exactly that, they showed games releasing in 2015 and early 2016, and wanna know something?  With Illusory Revelations#FE, early 2016 already looks way better than the past years :v

2. Everyone chant along with me again!  How much does Nintendo home consoles last?


Good!  Now this is Wii U's 3rd year, so what are people surprised or angry at what is going on? If NX is indeed the fusion or a home console, it will be revealed in the current console's 4th year, and release in its 5th, as with every Nintendo console before it, except the Wii.  So now you can all stop saying that Nintendo is pulling a SEGA, because they are doing what they always do, it is not Nintendo's fault that you waited till year 3 to get a Wii U, they are just going to do what they always do.

Now what did everyone ask for?  A amiibo game, right?  Well guess what, Nintendo gave it to us, Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival!  It is indeed a destruction of the Animal Crossing series, but it is what you asked for, for a amiibo game.  You don't like it?  Well bad for you, because Nintendo gave what people ask for a amiibo game.

Now Blast Ball... everyone was interested about it in the NWC, then comes them attaching the Metroid name to it, and now it suddenly became the worse game to have ever existed.  It isn't the Metroid you ask for it, but it is still something, plus next year is Metroid's 30th anniversary they must have more than that :v.

So stop being childish about the matter and stop with the "jumping  ship" stuff, Nintendo simply did what they said they were going to do, they showed what they said they were going to show, gave you all what you asked for, a amiibo game, a new Paper Mario, and Metroid.  It wasn't in the way everyone expected, specially Metroid, but that doesn't mean things will not change later in the year.  I just know I'll be smiling when I see all of those being like that, crawling back once Nintendo blows us away with the usual December or January Direct, I  give them all a 1-2 Nintendo Direct time, the same goes for the threads of how wrong they were to judge Nintendo by a event which they clearly said they would only talk about 2015 games and Q1 2016, and how they only saw it bad, because they went in superly overhype.   Just so that you can see it, here is the infographic of upcoming games for Nintendo consoles,  Fatal Frame V and DT are missing on the Wii U one, though.

Oh, and for those going crazy because you will have to buy the games and amiibo, do not worry, the game will comei n a bundle with 2 amiibo and 3 amiibo cards.  

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Agreed. People completely abandoning Nintendo over this is just stupid

I will say some of the threads are getting out of hand, thats for sure.


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Hey, at least you got a positive attitude for it. Good for you, mate.

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Grrrrrr noooo, I shall continue my "childish" tantrums!! grrrrrr..

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I don't really blame them for switching or whatever it happens, given the over dramatic behavior is sort of like seriously?


I have to agree with this, but this is Vgchartz... doom threads are bound to kick in.

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The situation sucked but it really wasn't the worst thing in the world. I can name at least 5 things in my life that were worse.

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I will jump ship to the Ouya.

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Yeah, how dare we not be satisfied with a handful of insulting C-grade spinoffs, two of which drag the names of beloved franchises through the mud, and the total absence of virtually every game NIntendo fans have been begging for since this gen began?

How dare we expect at least one new blockbuster game at the biggest gaming expo of the year.

How could we be so childish as to voice anger that the console we dropped hundreds of dollars on is being cut loose to survive on dregs in its third year.