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Weak. Surprisingly weak. They were doing so many announcements before the conference I thought they were just saving the big guns. But there were no guns at all. Out of all games showed, I'm only interested in two: Fire Emblem and Youkai Watch, and I knew both of them before the Direct. What a letdown.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I try to stay positive. But I'll echo the sentiment that it was hot garbage.

Blob said:
Dr.Vita said:
Horrible conference. Worst one I ever saw tbh...

I can't see wii u selling much after this e3. It's been given the same papers that sony gave the vita. I think vita will actually outsell it now lol

Nx is coming, metroid and zelda launch titles. Pretty much all wii u games will have been moved to it, it seems. 

Pretty sad. I honestly believed that they were going to honor their promise to the adopters of the Wii U and fill out its lineup. 

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the_dengle said:
I guess I'll keep my thoughts to myself on this one.

Share. I suspect it will be a bit more nuanced than "worst conference ever" or "ran over my dog." And if not, well, what's one more?

EDIT: Sorry for the double post. Looks like angry Nintendo fans are flooding the servers. 

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cant really say much beyond what is being said here. it was a bad conference.
plain and simple.

I can't imagine why anyone would be disappointed.

There was a Wii U Metriod game...kinda.

There was a Wii U Animal Crossing...kinda.

There was a release date for December.

They're finally doing something substantial with Skylanders.

Really, the only thing that disappointed me personally was the new 3DS Zelda game. A co-op Zelda game in 2016, where you can team up as Link and...Link...and Link. Because Hyrule Warriors showed that no one has any interest in playing characters other than Link...

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Let's do a recap:

A StarFox game that looks terrible graphics wise (even GamaCube games looks better) and gameplay wise is like the one on N64.
Not a real Zelda game for 3DS, but rather, another spinoff. Keep wasting time Aonuma!
A Zelda spinoff port that we knew days ago! Woohoo!
Dates for games like Xenoblade, Mario Maker, Yoshi and Fire Emblem. Games that has been showed way before whose dates could have been announced with a PR.
An abomination to Metroid Prime, low budget.
Another Mario Tennis game...
The Amiibo Crossing I was prediction, but that somehow looks worse because is not a real Animal Crossing...
And finally, a mix of Paper Mario and Mario RPG. Keep the low costs Ninty!

11/10 They win my heart.

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It has such promise with Star Fox, which I'm still loving the look of.
Nothing else new and exciting really popped up. I'll get and play the 3DS Zelda, which does look fun. But to have that as one of the newest most anticipated titles for me from that event is tragic.

It's good to know that Nintendo is quickly moving away from the Wii U and onto newer and better things.

That's the only good news I got from this.

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