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which game has better graphics?

Horizon 94 38.06%
Uncharted 4 153 61.94%

 I was so mind blowed by the 3 long awaited franchises who debuted on the Sony conference i completley ignored the other games quite a while and horizon lagged my browser out. So after seeing both titles and in the best quality possible i felt making this thread

seriously after Bloodborne i doubted i could be impressed more but after seeing both games on youtube and not just the piss poor Live streams. Espacially Horizon which has more than just human soliders but also giant monsters, and how the leafs are moving it just looks amazing. 

Uncharted 4 improved a lot with the physics they added. And both titles levels are the open world dont forget.

Who you think looks better Horizon or Uncharted 4?

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After watching that horizon gameplay my dick was like:


battlefront looked like the best looking fps I've ever seen, but I was watching in sub hd.... so maybe it looks worse in a clearer stream



They are to different to judge. Both are top tier graphics in gaming at this time.

I agree. battlefront looked the best to me. dice takes full advantage of their own engine

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Uncharted 4 was amazing in every way. Tomb Raider Who ?
Horizon was also great but Uncharted was better overall

Uncharted 4 looked prettier, but I think that's due to Horizon artstyle not doing it a favor. Yet, the game still looks impressive. Kinda off topic, but these 2 games, along with Gears of War 4 and Battlefront are the best games, visually, so far, this E3.

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Uncharted 4 may be technically better, but Horizon's artistic style makes it look a lot nicer to me. Both look fantastic though.

craighopkins said:
I agree. battlefront looked the best to me. dice takes full advantage of their own engine

not really the character models looked not good in comparison to U4 and Horizon. And the game just lacks physics effects in general. I dont see anything special yet. And where is the jungle level?

Well, they're both on PS4.

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