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pauluzzz1981 said:

there are ( ofcourse ) rumors and speculations about a ff 7 remake and a (re)reveal of tlg. I dont get the hype for these games.

FF 7 was a good rpg, but come on, why do so many people want a remake? Is it for nostalgia reasons or is it for the ''groundbreaking'' gameplay?

Further more tlg. It's from the team that gave us ICO and Shadow of the colossus. Ico was ok ( beautiful to look at ) but gameplay wise it was ok. SOTC was a good game but nothing to be too excited about. Maybe it's just me, no problem, but TLG is for some reason a second coming of christ. Why?

This isn't a troll thread. I am genuinly interested.

FF7 is just a widely appealing game, it was also really atmospheric which I hope they don't screw up. It also had a sprawling, unique world that a lot of people seem to remember.

ICO was fantastic all around, one of the best of that generation, I love that game and hope TLG is like that. I never cared for SOTC.

Both make more sense than being excited over Shenmue (which I loved back in 2000, but 15 years later it really isn't much of a game series. It was impressive in the pre-GTA3 days though), Halo 5 or more Gears of War.... in general what a damn boring E3.

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kowenicki said:
Torillian said:

majority of hardcore gamers who would appear on internet gaming forums*

there you go, Kowen.  

Nah. Still over egging. Niche. Sales wont be anything to write about. Might recoup some of the development cost I guess. When is it coming out?


SotC and The Ico & SotC PS3 Collection both sold over 1 million copies. And SotC almost always appears on best PS2/of all time games lists, so how can it be niche? 

I don't care about FFVII RE since it was originally a good game, but nothing amazing. I guess people will have their minds blown when the game releases and they realize it wasn't that good.

As for The Last Guardian, I have high hopes. First of all, it's an entirely new game, not just a fucking remake. Second, it's from the team that made 2 great games. And third, I love enviromental puzzles and stuff, and this game is just full of it (no wonder Zelda is my favorite franchise).

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FF7 aged very horribly, which is why it deserves a remake. If you didn't play it when it first came out it is hard to get into nowadays. In The Last Guardian's case, people are so excited for it since there was that huge 6 year wait, and most people thought it was dead. The revival stirred up alot of hype

ff7 had some great gameplay ideas.
Secret characters, great unique personalities like cait-sith, cid, and vincent...special bosses, interesting dialogue, somewhat didn't take itself too seriously but simultaneously had one of the most dramatic moments in all of jrpg history (also the nibelhelm scene).
It was just a really great game.
However, out of the last many, it is also the only one that has not stood the test of time, graphics wise. The polygons are ugly and could be improved in so many ways.
Really, character wise there hasn't been an ff as good since 7. ff8 had a bunch of unlikable characters, 9 was just trying too hard, 10 was really good, but similar problem, 12 is probably the next best after that with balthier and the rabbit lady, though the story-line has too much drama. 13 was meh character wise.
The only other one I'd consider with better characters is tactics.

Anyway, to answer your question, ff7 is just an all-around great game that was always flawed by just a handful of things. This remake gives them a chance to tweak the problems and punch people in the face with nostalgia, as well as make many new fans from the new playstation owners.

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FFVII is a game that I think needed a remake it was stuck in that awkward time where games looked bad. I know alot of people that wont look at the game because of the way it looks and thats sad, for FFVII to really stand the test of time a remake is the only way other wise it will just fade into nothing because only fans of the game when it was released will play it.

Kyuu said:
JOKA_ said:



I imagine that ff7 would sell decently well if priced appropriately (ha!)


TLG is going to flop (hard) if it ever releases. Forum dwellers seem to think its the messiah though


Flopping hard? you mean at sales numbers or profit? Nobody thinks TLG is the Messiah or does it bother you that much when people are geniuenly excited about a game from a developer or a franchise they like?

Not that sales matter to me, a consumer, but how many copies do you reckon FF7 Remake and TLG will sell if both see a critical acclaim?

I see TLG flopping both in sales numbers and profit.  Its just so niche.  Im not saying that the game looks bad, I just don't see it striking a chord with a mainstream audience.

In terms of actual numbers I see this selling well below bloodborne, so I would honestly be surprised if this cracks 1 million, and for a game that was in production for so long there is no way it will turn a prophet.

Bold: As an aside, this is always a strange statement whenever I see it here on (aka a site that revolves around sales numbers)

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Ico and Shadow of the Collosus are super high regarded therefore the sequel that's meant to be the mesh of the 2 is exciting. Last 3 Uncharted games are fantastic so simply based on that you can be excited for Uncharted 4.

FF7 is a game fans already know is amazing. So a Remake just gives them away to enjoy it at current day standards the way a remaster just can't do.

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Different strokes for different folks. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are two of my very favorite games. There's literally nothing else to the matter than that.

The appeal of TLG is simple, a new game from the makers of two of my all time favorites which were even better playing them again in the HD remake. Ico handled the emotional connection between characters extremely well, always pressing the urgency of protecting Yorda while exploring this mysterious place. SotC is still one of the best examples of telling a story via game play. You really feel the internal struggle of the main character as he destroys these beautiful peaceful creatures for his own gain.

FF7 remake, a lot of nostalgia. My first jrpg, first rpg on a projector, great experience over all. I'll probably buy it, but I don't know if I'll finish it again.