Wii U owners: is it your only current gen console?

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Yes 482 67.79%
No, I have a PS4/X1 also 229 32.21%

Or do you have a PS4 and/or Xbox One as well?

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I own a New 3DS and a gaming PC, but yes, the Wii U is my only 8th gen home console and I'm happy with it for the foreseeable future.


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Yes and a personal computer. 

I have a PC, a 3DS XL and a WiiU

So, yeah, it is, and I'm happy with it.

For now, yes. When either the PS4 or X1 start showing me something interesting, I'll get one.

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Yeah, although I plan on getting a PS4 at some point (probably when they give it a price cut).

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Yes for now.

Hopefully it'll be joined by another home console with the release of Final Fantasy XV.

Have 3DS, PC and hopefully a Vita soon. Neither of the poll options apply.

Home console wise yes - for now - but wont be for long.


I'm planning to get a PS4 this black friday.


Besides that in terms of "current" gen gaming - I also have a 3DS XL, a gaming desktop and a gaming laptop.


I dont limit myself to one platform.


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Yup, though I have a 3DS as well.. don't plan on getting the ps4 or XOne any time soon :/

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