Speaking of The Coalition doing something else, Morgoth whom leaked almost everything accurately about Gears 5 has made a few interesting comments in Gears threads, a few of them being...

"They are working on something else"

If it's Gears related: "Afaik no, but the last time I've talked about that with source was months ago and it looked in the early phase, it could be even be cancelled or put on ice because G5 required more workforce, or modified. But I'm sure there was another project that was not Gears related"

Possibly not a new IP: "As he talked about it, G5 pulled for sure a lot of devs from it, but I don't know how many of them. And he didn't talked about it like a new IP"


I wouldn't get excited yet as it sounds like it could be cancelled or is in an early phase so it'll be years away, I'd be a little disappointed if it wasn't a new IP but I'd still be excited about them becoming a two team studio, The Coalition has great talent and efficiency, I'd be okay with them putting Gears 6 on hold for now with a smaller team, Gears 5 was made in 2.5 years, now with Gears 6 they can take their time as T10 and 343i are doing as we have more studios now, Gears 6 can release in 4-5 years.

I'm wondering if it's Perfect Dark and TC have taken over more of a responsibility on it, I believe it was leaked once before by Klob that TC might be assisting on Perfect Dark and Microsoft has been looking for a studio to create it for years, maybe they thought it best to let an internal studio do it.

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Lol. This is pretty funny, also the laughing in the background as he said it, low-key the most marketing Xbox has had in Japan this entire generation. I guess timestamps don't work on VGChartz anymore...

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Those 80k tweets are probably more than the lifetime sales of Xbox One in Japan


I got Gears 5 a little early and have completed most of the first chapter. This game is truly something special. The story so far is way more compelling than Gears 4. If you are a Gears vet, I recommend playing on 'experienced' difficulty.

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Yeah game unlocks around 9 pm in each territory.

Now that Ikumi Nakamura left Tango Gameworks, i wish MS would hire her and give her own studio in Japan.

If you don't have the reach characters you are probably an ultimate game pass subscriber and they are looking what's the issue;

Didn't bother to start Gears 5 yesterday but that sure will change this weekend.

Also now I know why I barely remembered anything about Crash 2. Because it's easily the worst in the (Naughty Dog) series. The snowy stages are horrible. Walking on ice is completely uncontrollable, cheap environmental hazards like stalactites falling from above, enemies that look like you can kill them but can't (porcupine) and in the bear levels you have These ice block lifting guys who will either lift the block or put it down, except for one pair who does nothing but you expect them to move the block, thus resulting in a death.
Also the game expects you to know some advanced moves to collect all boxes without ever teaching them to you. (slide jump)
Even the level names are horrible.

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Started Gears 5.

"Bootcamp" tutorial is far too long and tedious.
Next thing I wanted to try is online. Selected versus quickplay.... After 2 minutes of waiting I cancelled matchmaking and tried again. This time it worked. Had a really good round and then got kicked before the round was over.

Yeah..... I think I'm going to wait for an update.