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My favorite part about the conference was...

...The Last Guardian! 17 14.66%
...Horizon! 20 17.24%
...Hitman! 0 0.00%
...Final Fantasy VII Remake! 50 43.10%
...Call of Duty: Black Ops III! 1 0.86%
...Firewatch! 0 0.00%
...Dreams! 1 0.86%
...Shenmue III!!! 15 12.93%
...Star Wars: Battlefrond! 2 1.72%
...Uncharted 4! 10 8.62%

Sony just fucking won E3.

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Wow shocked to see some gameplay on this

           Survivor Millennial vs Gen X!!

TLG that's it they won e3 in one trailer

i want that thing as a pet.

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sorry I'm late. I was getting head.

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I just got home, got my laptop running and was amazed to see that feather. I didn't expect this at all TLG!

ethomaz said:
You can post the thread already.

Sony won E3


last guardian right off the bat!!!!

I'm just glad it finally happened.