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exdeath said:
Because other than the title and core mechanics and gameplay, each game is a completely new game. It's not just call of duty copy pasted with a new alleyway and 3 new gun skins every 6 months.

pretty much this ^

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Mythmaker1 said:

Because each Zelda is built, more or less, from scratch. New assets, new art-style, new controls, new engines, and so on. That takes a lot of time.

Many sequels these days are built using similar engines or recycled assets in order to save costs and time.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

I have never seen a musician or group spawn as many masterpieces in five years as there are in a usual Zelda game. And i kinda think the gameplay is too boring for shorter releases. More spinoffs would be awesome though, I can see so many genres fitting in with zelda's theme, maybe Zelda Mystery Dungeon, Turn-based RPG, Strategy RPG, Zelda II 2, all of those would be awesome releases inbetween the usual games.

TheFallen said:

Well the two previous new entries in the series. I'm not talking about remake or remasters ala Windwaker. The development time is comparable to a modern day Grand Theft Auto.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to bait fans of the series ( If you've read my posts , you'll see i'm actually a HUGE Fan). I'm waiting for the day Nintendo announces the release date so I can plan my Wii U purchase, just as I purchased a Wii last gen for Zelda only.

 Is it a question of resources Nintendo allocates? Yes, I know they've developed DS and 3DS Zelda games since ( Rockstar made GTA IV plus dlc , Red Dead Redemption AND GTA V in the same time frame between the last Zelda and the next one) I'm obviously not asking for Nintendo to UBISOFT i.e. annualize the series , I would just prefer to have a new main entry ever 3 years , as opposed to 5 years. Can anybody shed some light?

I think it takes so long because Nintendo has to develop not just Zelda, but all their other games. They can't work on all their IP at the same time. 

What everyone else said, plus the fact that Nintendo has proven time and again that it would rather delay a game over and over to put out the best experience possible on Day 1 than to shit out some hot trash and consider patching it later.

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mZuzek said:
I feel like the comparisons with GTA here are a bit shallow. You guys are missing something.

Zelda has a lot of artistic creation behind it. For every new game, they have to come up with a new gameplay mechanic, artstyle, world, story, characters etc. etc. etc. to keep the game fresh. If you look at stuff like the artwork in Hyrule Historia, it's clear they spend a lot of time designing each and every part of the game to make it unique.

GTA doesn't have that. They have all the artistic process done from scratch - copy a real world town with realistic visuals, make a cliche story involving crime and corruption, and don't make lots of significant changes to gameplay or new mechanics/twists. They pretty much start development with the artistic process basically done.

The Zelda team delays the games because they shift focus during development with new ideas for what they want to create - GTA doesn't have this problem because from the start it's already set in stone what the game should play like.

You really take a lot away from what GTA accomplishes when you boil it down to basics like that. The choices of what city to work in, what missions to design in that world, what cultural facets should be satirized, etc. are all just as much a part of the artistic process as choosing which new gimmick everyone will hate that Zelda should have this time around. It takes talent to create a world like GTA, where everything is both real and surreal at the same time. You can't just say everything is done for Rockstar just because they base loosely in reality.


As an aside, Zelda's delays only further perpetuate the Zelda cycle. While I prefer the games to be done rather than lazily finished (WW), they've been OVERdone in past entries, leading to a fizzle out in interest for many fans (TP and SS). The delays only increase expectations, to the point that perhaps a new gimmick isn't always worth another year of silence.

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cause outside of Majora's Mask every home console Zelda game was built from scratch and with Zelda U being an open world game those usually take a while to make cause for example

Witcher 2 came out in 2011 while Witcher 3 came out in 2015 (4 year difference)

GTA 4 came out in April Of 2008 while GTA 5 came out in 2013 (5 year difference)

Sometimes I think Nintendo uses Zelda for strategy. Could be ready this year sure I'm sure

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JNK said:
Mythmaker1 said:

Not even close. I've played quite a bit of Skyward Sword, and the breadth and depths of mechanics is paltry. 

ive played ss and gta v and both games are on a same level in size and co. dunno what ur talking about.

i need about 40 hours for both to complete. both had same diversion and co.

What I'm talking about is scale and mechanical depth. Skyward Sword has a very small scale and very little mechanical depth. I can't speak to the mechanical depth of GTAV, but the scale of that game is enormous.

As far as "40 hours", I can only believe that it takes you that long to 100% Skyward Sword. As far as GTAV goes, not including multiplayer, there looks to be far more content.

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