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Machina said:
vivster said:

Please explain to us how to cunstructively direct this at Brett. Writing "Do something! Anything!" on his website is pretty much the only thing we can do.

Unless you have a home address.


Call me skeptical but I doubt privately writing an email directly to him will speed things up in any way. Rallying up the whole userbase however...

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

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RolStoppable said:
I remember the times when the weekly sales were still updated regularly (which isn't that long ago). The discussions were first and foremost about how wrong VGC is going to be. So if the accuracy is questioned to such a degree, it's puzzling that there's suddenly so much demand to get those numbers. Especially because Amazon has surfaced as a quite accurate prediction tool for US sales while the rest of the world is an easy PS4 victory. And nobody cares about handhelds anyway.

God forbid people actually discuss sales on a sales website. The thing that bothers me most isn't that the sales are ~3 months behind while still advertising this site as a gaming site focusing on sales,

but people on these forums determining what other people come on this site for and if that is sales well they're irrelevant or in a minority.

People are complaining, but I would call it "picking on ioi".
They are simply dissatisfied with the business they are frequenting - and the business owner must hear the displeasure of his target market.
The same as you would complain to the butcher if he has no meat, or in the bakery without bread and cakes.

But, I do agree that it is pointless to continue making complaint threads, as it's obvious that the business owner has no interest in hearing those complaints and addressing them at all. We did.get his personal post on the issue about two months ago, and a "PR fluff piece" from a mod last month.
But until the issue is publicly acknowledged on the front page for all visitors to see, a doubt about site's future and owner's interest in it will linger...

At this point, I settle for numbers every month even if they're taken from NPD and the japanese sale charts.

I haven't heard anything from Brett from around the beginning of March.

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I really am surprised no one thought of this.

To OP. What is the website called? I and many others have been coming for years for this reason.

The truth is if this site doesn't get its shit together soon there will be no community and ioi will have lost everything he built.

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I'm sure ioi is very depressed about the hostilities

ioi owes the community who supported this website for years an explanation of why the numbers are not updated any more. At least, this would put a clear direction of where this website going and will let people move on and stop complaining about the numbers.

In my opinion, there are some of things which may impacted numbers postings:

1- The website is no longer profitable.
2- The community complains a lot about under/over tracking and ioi is tired of it
3- This generation is already won by Sony and there is no point of posting the numbers any more
4- The website funding was stopped by a company who wanted to promote its lead last generation and is losing this generation (Microsoft.... :)
5- ioi found another business which is more profitable than this website.

You are welcome to add more points.....

BraLoD said:
Where is the gif/image/video I came waiting for?

here ;P