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Superquagsire said:

Iwata himself has said that they weren't replacements. I don't remember which interviews but I know there have been at least a couple of articles talking about it...

You severely misread that quote if that's what you got from it. He said it wasn't a "simple" replacement, not that it wasn't a replacement at all. As in, it's not just an iterative upgrade. That doesn't mean it's not succeeding them. It means it's not something direct like the transition between Wii to Wii U, but something more complicated.

In other words, the unified platform with a shared library across two or more systems. It's not replacing one or the other - it's replacing both. Not a simple replacement. More complicated.

Well, this is new.


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Superquagsire said:
Ugh, I feel like everyone and their mother has forgotten that the NX was confirmed to NOT be a replacement for the Wii U or 3DS!

Iwata said it was not going to be a "simple replacement for Wii U and 3DS". There's a nuance, and it may end up meaning anything.

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The way I see it, backwards compatibility is more important when you come from a successful console, to entice current users to jump early on to your next console. When you come from a console with a small userbase BC is less important, so if Nintendo has to drop backwards compatibility to make NX the way they want to, this is their best oportunity.

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This article is awful; it makes several leaps of logic, has nothing to base its theory on, and is quite clearly written because it's a slow news day in the news-dead weeks preceding E3.

The article makes quite a number of assumptions, best not to be taken seriously.

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I really can't see Nintendo being one to drop backwards compatibility just like that.

And yeah, as others have stated, that article was pretty bad.

Well, they dropped backwards compatibility with the GameCube, DSi and later Wii models just like that. ;)

was just talking about this. The question would be do they really want to continue on the wii-motion controls and the gamepad.
I'd like it but...we'll have to see what the NX really is

BC is nice especially for the first year buyers when support for the next gen isn't in full swing. ...nut BC has never once influenced my purchase decision. i think someone put out a study and it showed BC didn't even make the top ten list on buyer purchasing prioritites.

Aquietguy said:
Arlo said:
I've been thinking about this. On the one hand, if the system sells better it will give Wii U games another chance to sell. But I think they'll drop it, because you would have to build gamepad support right into the system, which would overcomplicate things and make the system too expensive. I absolutely love BC, but at this point I'd like them to just move on. I don't want gamepad support AND Wiimote support to be required right off the bat. The past shouldn't drag down the future.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought BC was more about being compatible with coding and architecture of the past system and not the controller.

They can go away from BC with a modern different architecture and still use the pad or wii mote as a control option.

I guess I more just mean that it's built into the system exosystem as a whole, beyond just being able to connect with the controller.  It's got to be built into the software, and they've got to sell them separately, and overall just the whole idea of trying to hold onto this system that just didn't work seems futile.  You're right though, the architecture thing is another reason why they'll probably drop it.  At this point emulating last gen on current gen hardware just isn't feasable yet.