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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why the SEGA Saturn is better than whatever console you prefer

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Actually, I do have a Sega Saturn. Dragon Force and Iron Storm are two of my favorite games.

When I saw the thread title, I thought Segata Sanshiro would have come here to write that post. Alas, it was "just" Kylee

Here's another one, the model 2 Saturn controller is arguably the best pad ever.

That's not the wine talking it seriously might be, that d-pad is top notch, the Saturn pad is so good in fact that its still used in fighting game tournaments there are even adapters so it'd work on the PS3, Sega always knew how to make great controllers and this was their magnum opus.

Your Sega looks like shit, clean that piece of perfection!

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I scored a Saturn and a bag of games when I worked at Gamecrazy, and I traded it to my friend for an accordion. Best trade of my life.

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Azuren said:
Your Sega looks like shit, clean that piece of perfection!

Its 20 years old and had to endure a lot, its lucky that it looks like that honestly :P

Lol, 450M units! The Wii only got to about 1/4 of that..

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Best thread I ever read in the history of anything. Thanks for the laughs.

I do remember when the Saturn came out around 1995 and Toys R' Us was demo-ing it and Virtua Fighter. I was enamored and even now, have never wanted a console more than that day. I must've been 12 or so. It was just too expensive at the time.

Kind of sad that we never got the cool color schemes in NA. Just plain old black.

P.S. How much wine did you drink making this thread? lol

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P