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Im curious as to how addicted or in love some people can get to a single game.


The game I have played the longest is the Original EverQuest.

I have played the game for the past 16 years (with a few breaks here and there) and in that time on just ONE CHARACTER...I have actually PLAYED over a years worth of time!

375 Days, 7 Hours, 16 minutes on my Main Character alone to be exact. 

It's slightly shocking that one game has held such high appeal to me for so long after such heavy game time. 

...uhh...ill just put my favorite quote of all time here.

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1. League of Legends (+2000 hours)
2. Final Fantasy X (~200 hours)
3. World of Warcraft (~150 hours)

Probably codmw2 for 1200 hours on record


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These are approximations because I cannot be too sure of the exact times. As it is, I am not too sure which games I have spent the most time in (other than COD4) so I'll make some guesses.
Call of Duty 4: ~35 days or about 850 hours
Gran Turismo 4: ~10 days or about 250 hours
Skyrim: ~5 days or about 120 hours
Super Smash Bros Brawl: ~4 days or about 100 hours
Anything other than that I am not sure.

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I wish I knew how many hours I've put into Pokémon Gold. God only knows how much I've played that.

Playtime that's been tracked, though, I have Pokémon Y. 275h.

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Smash Bros Series over 9000

Runescape, I'd estimate that I put somewhere between 1600 and 2000 hours into it over the course of 8 years where I played it off and on.

1- Pokémon RGB: over 1000 hours
2- Diablo III: over 500 hours
3- TLoZ: Ocarina of Time: over 200 hours

I also tend to spend more than 100h in every main pokémon game, as well as Souls games, Zeldas and Personas (mostly during vacations).

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5000+ hours

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~1500 hours in Team Fortress 2.