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I don't get it... We know we are about to come up on some dry months due to the black out pre E3 (At least that's what happened last year, there were no directs from May-August, granted E3 in itself was one giant direct) but it just seems weird that there has only been one direct this year. And while I think we are all pretty confident there is going to be one next month, I think we are also all pretty confident that it was be a Splatoon specific direct. Then we hit May and the blackout begins.... I don't know, but I keep coming back to the question why....

So let's put to bed some reasons people MAY think why there hasn't been a direct.

1: No games releasing

Well, let's think for a minute then on what they could show that is concrete, set in stone, and they should have ample info ready and available.

Legend Of Zelda (But you say "well they don't want to get into that any more until a bad ass trailer for E3", okay I see your point. Moving on.)

Star Fox

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

a localized voice acted Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer with a worldwide release date

Whatever the new game Tantalus is porting

a new trailer for The Devil's Third with updated graphics (they did say the game was nearly finished 3 months ago)

Project Treasure trailer

An in depth look at Rodea the Sky Soldier

7 intruiging titles, and 8 if you include Legend Of Zelda. This isn't even including Splatoon being there will be a dedicated direct, and only including Wii U games. There was quite a bit of indies announced for Wii U recently wasn't there? And this is assuming there is nothing else releasing this year (remember Hyrule Warriors was announced the releasing year).

2: They want to stack their deck for E3

Okay, but why? Everyone knows everything else is gonna be outshadowed by LOZ. Everything else will be completely swept under the rug. They would be better off introducing NEW games, and even though LOZ is going to get most of the attention, people will talk about the new games. Not to mention if they even mention (and show nothing of) a new Metroid Prime or Animal Crossing Wii U (both are heavily anticipated to be there), that would further overshadow previously announced titles.

Other than that E3 has always been about reveals. While with those games it would be packed of content, still a lot of these games are already revealed. It doesn't give much to look forward to seeing in the far future. 

3: Because Nintendo has nothing new to offer in 2016

Well, how about a new Metroid or Animal Crossing?

Or let's say they have nothing in development (lol, yeah right), there are a ton of things they could localize. Dragon Quest X, Fatal Frame V, Monster Hunter Frontier G, ect.

All I'm saying is it would be incredibly naive to think Nintendo doesn't have things in the works for 2016. You know a perfect time to show these things would be? THIS YEAR AT FREAKING E3!





I don't know, what do you guys think?




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I think Nintendo just made massive announcements and, in their eyes and in the eyes of most gamers that qualifies as their direct for the past month or 2. I'm pretty happy about nx reveal and fascinated by mobile news. I'd be goood for another month tbh.

They don't have many things to announce. The DeNa deal was more for investors than gamers, and it was a japanese announcement (I think). What are the next releases that they haven't covered? Xenoblade 3D (remake), and Splatoon (still too early to make a direct about it). New game announcements will come at E3 or at an April Direct. And if they make another direct before E3, it would show only already announced games (Devil's Third, Yoshi), announce some stuff for the 3DS or be a Splatoon-only direct.

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I was really hoping for one this month, because after this point they're not going to give us jack until E3. A couple game-specific ones if we're lucky. I mean, they at least need to do a Splatoon one. Whenever they reveal big news right around the time we were expecting one though, that always replaces it, so this month's out.

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But I agree, Jan- April is dry.(AGAIN). No Biggies.

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Because there is not some constitutional right guaranteeing Directs. They have no schedule. Moving on.

cause they're silly

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Can't have a mini-E3 every month

Nothing to see here, move along

No direct is a bad move, but its kinda expected. A Nintendo Direct for Kirby and Mario Party probably would have been lackluster. The NX announcement alone brought Nintendo back into the spotlight. Plus the big stuff is still on the way. XCX, Zelda U, Star Fox, Devil's 3rd, etc. etc. The only thing I am hopeful for is news on the localization of XCX. The rest I can wait for until E3. But when that day comes I'm expecting news on Project Treasure and I'm hopeful for the Xenosaga Trilogy and Bayonetta 3.

I think 2016 announcements will be waiting for e3 but I would like more directs though


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