Forums - Sales Discussion - Do you think the Wii U will get a price cut this year?

250 dollar Zelda U bundle should be a possibility for the holidays.

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spemanig said:
Captain_Yuri said:
If it doesn't, I will shit my pants multiple times

If it does, I will Jizz my pants multiple times.


Loll! Quoted for the future! :P


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I'm hoping so. A $250 price tag seems pretty good right now.

Two posibilities:
One: on May 7.
Two: September

not sure.
if they could they would have done last holiday.
They rely more on software impact than price cuts.
But this time they are not launching smash bros and mario kart, and even zelda doesnt sell as well as these.
So, is a must.

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I wonder if $50 would even have a visible effect.

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A price cut before splatoon launches in the west would make my day, still going to get the console regardless but paying £50 less would be very nice and likely go towards buying another game on that day.


I hope so.

Imagine if X1 gets down another $50 this year. They'll be the same price. What's crazier is if it cuts then PS3 and 360 could be the same price as WiiU lol. Those systems need price cuts though I saw PS3 is now $220 on Amazon and Gamestop for the 500gb with 360 similar. If WiiU gets a $50 cut it'll be about as cheap as those 2 but with far less memory.

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