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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Pokemon Gen/Region Competition: Round 4: Legendary Trio Member #2

Approved by Conegamer. Made by uran10

Hello everyone, and welcome to the 3rd round of the Pokemon gen/region competition. In this competiton, one pokemon represent each of the six gens/regions will be put up against each other in a number of categories. These categories are all common tropes that appear in every single Pokemon game. Each round will be selected at Random until all 20 rounds are played.

The voting for this competition will be the same as the greatest user and greatest new user competition, I.E

6p Kanto

5p Hoenn

4p Johto

3p kalos

2p sinnoh

1p Unova

Results of the Previous round: 

Arcanine 64 Points "Gold medal"

Piloswine 48 points "Silver medal"

Abomasnow 40 points "Bronze medal"

Meowstic 37 Points

Beartic 32 points

Lunatone 31 Points.

Medal Standings:

Kanto: 3 gold, 0 silver, 0 bronze

Johto: 1 gold, 2 silver, 0 bronze

Hoenn: 0 gold, 0 silver, 1 bronze

Sinnoh: 0 gold, 0 Silver, 2 bronze

Unova: 0 gold, 0 silver, 0 bronze

Kalos: 0 gold, 0 silver, 0 Bronze

Previous rounds:[1],[2],[3]


The 4th Round Shall be:

Legendary Trio Member #2
Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos


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Oh hey you're helping out uran now? Nice!

6: Groundon
5: Zapdos
4: Entei
3: Yveltal
2: Zekrom
1: Palkia


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

I was thinking that you were the one to post this round ;)
Shouldn't this be the Legendary Trio, not #7 Ace?

6p Zapdos (Kanto)
5p Yveltal (Kalos)
4p Groudon (Hoenn)
3p Entei (Johto)
2p Palkia (Sinnoh)
1p Zekrom (Unova)

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Platina said:
I was thinking that you were the one to post this round ;)
Shouldn't this be the Legendary Trio, not #7 Ace?

Doh, knew I'd mess up somewhere, thanks for letting my know though
Yeah, uran is busy today so I'm filling in for him

6p Groudon (Hoenn)
5p Palkia (Sinnoh)
4p Yveltal (Kalos)
3p Zapdos (Kanto)
2p Zekrom (Unova)
1p Entei (Johto)

6p Yveltal
5p Zekrom
4p Groudon
3p Entei
2p Zapdos
1p Palkia

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6p - Palkia 

5p - Groudon 

4p - Zekrom

3p - Zapdos

2p - Yveltal 

1p - Entei

6p - Entei
5p - Zapdos
4p - Palkia
3p - Groudon
2p - Zekrom
1p - Yveltal

Thanks a lot Ka-pi, currently in class, but I'll put in mine now:
6p: Zapdos
5p Entei
4p Groudon
3p Zekrom
2p Yvetal
1p Palkia

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6 - Yvetal
5 - Zapdos
4 - Zekrom
3 - Palkia
2 - Groudon
1 - Entei

Ride The Chariot

What the hell...? You`re not Uran... o_o What happened to Uran?!

6p - Entei
5p - Groudon
4p - Zapdos
3p - Yveltal
2p - Zekrom
1p - Palkia



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