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Am I making a good argument?

Yes! Nintendo would be doomed as 3rd party! 50 29.59%
No, Nintendo would kick ass as 3rd party! 51 30.18%
lulz didn't read ^^ 34 20.12%
Rezzzzults 34 20.12%

well.... I bet Sony and MS would be glad to have 3+million selling franchises like Mario Kart/NSMB/Pokemon/Legend of Zelda/SSB etc. in their consoles

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When I use the term "kiddie" I use quotation marks on purpose. I don't think Nintendo makes kiddie games, but that's one criticism that's often used against Nintendo games. I think Mario is about as kiddie as CoD. Just because a game has head shots and blood in it doesn't make it "mature"

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Nintendo does not belong apart from their 1st party status. Not even to become second party, or a division of some other company.

Games like Pokemon Shuffle can go on mobile though, and I wouldn't mind. There is a distinct difference between that type of game and N's traditional console/handheld game scene. It wouldn't disgrace them in any way, and could nicely bring in a little side revenue.

hsrob said:
I'm not really sure those examples prove anything, they're not even close to the best offerings on their respective consoles. Mario Kart 8, 3D World and Smash Bros are. Nintendo's big franchises would make a killing on any console.

Never mind that in this hypothetical future those orphaned Nintendo fans are going to have to game on something, so the games should at least sell as much as they did on Wii U. Unless we are to assume that all Nintendo's fans are going to up and evaporate with the hardware.

Ecxuse me? LBP has a metacritic of 95! It's one of THE best reviewed games on PS3! And what placement did it have in the top 30 PS3 games? Minecraft didn't get bad reviews either: And neither did Lego Marvel Or what about Rayman Legends? These games all got good to GREAT scores.

What are you basing your comment "Nintendo [...] would make a killing on any console"? Just because it's Nintendo? Sure, most Nintendo fans would get PS5 or Xbox... two?.... if Nintendo didn't make their own console any more and had offerings on those systems, but how many else WOULD buy them? A lot of times talking is just that; talking. A lot of them people who wants Nintendo games on other consoles are just talking, and wouldn't buy the games. And the majority of gamers wouldn't give a rats ass. A small minority of existing PS4/XOne gamers would buy Nintendo games if they were on their prefered console.

I'm on Twitter @DanneSandin!

Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

I say an astounding YES !

I say this with 3 reasons in mind.

1- Their resume of games are heavily geared to the kid gaming community. That 5-16 age range will be pure gold to them sales wise on say a Playstation 4/ XB1 console.

2- Most gamer's own 2 consoles. With a move towards a 3rd party software focus, the big N now does not have to focus o console sales. With the PS4 selling almost 20 million and the XB1 at approx 11 million consoles sold, the big N would see healthy software sales on both consoles.

3- With the power of the Playstation 4, the big N can now shift their focus to 2 main focuses. they can now go back to making great games and now they do not have to focus on creating too much new IP's. Their stable of established franchises along with a massive backlog will ensure them successful as a multi platform developer.

But what am I thinking, the big N will NEVER go 3rd party. It makes way too much sense.

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I personally would prefer Nintendo would make games for phones and for PS4, Xbone and PC. I think zelda would look stunning on PS4. Also some games from Nintendo like Pokemon are ideal for Phones.

DanneSandin said:

We constantly hear that Nintendo should go 3rd party, make games for PlayStation and/or Xbox - or that they should make mobile games. Lots and lots of people say this. Gamers say it, journalists say it, analysists say it. The only ones NOT saying it seem to be Nintendo and Nintendo fans.

I think people that said that are not very informed and don't know much about Nintendo, just like Patcher.

And thread is pointless, because Nintendo will never be 3rd Party Developer.

No. Nintendo doesn't have any place on either of the twins. Nintendo is able to make the games they want because they have creative control over what they produce. Look at Sega. While they had their own console they were free to create whatever they wanted to, and it led to some of the wildest games of all time. A game where you play a dolphin. A game where you drive a Taxi like a madman. A game where you're riding a dragon.

Now imagine if Sega had their own console. Games like Persona 5 would be exclusive to it. Same with games like Alien: Isolation and Rodea the Sky Soldier (assume they keep Yuji Naka) and all the games from former Sega guys. Sega gets back some of their sports franchises and get the support of the annual shooters and Sega would have something very interesting. I'd take a Sega console over a Sony console.

If Nintendo was 3rd party many of their fringe franchises would die, along with many of their main line franchises. Captain Toad never would have happened. Same with games like Rainbow Curse (would at least require a move controller which makes it fringe at best, impossible at worst) and Yoshi. I doubt that a game like Kirby's Dreamland would even make a dent on another console.

DanneSandin said:
When I use the term "kiddie" I use quotation marks on purpose. I don't think Nintendo makes kiddie games, but that's one criticism that's often used against Nintendo games. I think Mario is about as kiddie as CoD. Just because a game has head shots and blood in it doesn't make it "mature"

no mario isnt, mario is a hard game with good gameplay and a wonderfull artstyle.  cod is a bad fps with the worst storytelling, pacing, QTEs, characters and mapdesign. the game is gray and marketed to 14 year old males with bad parents. and its build to satisfy those kids, there isnt much to learn, nothing to master.     those games are just violent because kids think its cool to shot at something.


and i realy like nonemature movies and games, with bad jokes, gore and over the top violence. 

i think ed209 is the best robot ever, and his glitch at a meeting is the best movie scene ever, its pure fun.

If Nintendo went third party, Ubisoft, EA, and Activision would go out of business because 'mainstream' gamers would realize just how much of a ride they are being taken for...

I almost think it'd be good if they did, but I value their 'reckless' hardware innovation.