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Forums - General Discussion - Hottest Famous Male Tournament - Stage 4 - Jeremy Renner Vs. Bradley Cooper

Welcome to the VGChartz Hottest Famous Male Tournament hosted by Seece and Machina. 64 hot famous guys from the world of film, music, sports and beyond compete to be VGC's #1!

 Jeremy Renner



Bradley Cooper



Previous Rounds: | 1 | 2 |3 |

Result of Last Round:

- Chris Evans (14)
- Gerard Pique (3)

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I'll go with short haired Bradley Cooper

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Ah yes, the Cooper.

Both suck but I choose bradley

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Renner. I don't like Bradley Cooper.

Bradley Cooper, though I'm not a fan of that hairstyle you've given him.

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Couldn't have chosen worse pics for Brad!

Bradley Cooper


I'll go with Bradley Cooper now.