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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The one video game character you can't stand?

Nelkir from Skyrim, the son of Jarl Balgruuf.

Every time he says "Another wanderer, here to lick my father's boots." I just want to slap him unconcious but can't, because he's invincible.

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James Vega, Mass Effect 3. He is definitively the only thing I didn't like in the entire trilogy. It's like...everything he ever said and did made me dislike him even more.

Characters I despise in games I love:

- Navi (Ocarina of Time)
- Fi (Skyward Sword)
- Ashley Williams (Mass Effect)
- Carth Onasi (Knights of the Old Republic)
- Chris Redfield (Resident Evil)
- Toad (Mario games)
- Lydia (Skyrim)
- Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)

Navi. Nobody else is remotely close.

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Ka-pi96 said:

Ohhh. That's a good choice. I wanted to destroy small countries because of that character. haha.

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I'm just tired of seeing this character everywhere in the same outfit fighting the same villian for the same girl he never gets. 

The main fellow from Final Fantasy X, and well, everybody else in that game. Ugh.. Close second is Ghirahim. At least Ghirahim was menacing.

Fi...may you burn in hell

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JustThatGamer said:
Samus Aran said:

Yeah, Kratos kills any innocent girls/men he can get his hands on, but we're somehow led to believe he cares for Pandora? He killed Poseidon's princess/captive just to open a door yet he wants Pandora to be safe? Shitty writing.

I'm more willing to believe Kratos killed his wife and daughter after being drunk instead of being misled by Ares.

lol, there's a thin line between shitty writing and lacking comprehension skills. It's obvious why he grew to care for Pandora so I'm not going to bother there.

What has Poseidon's princess got to do with his relationship with Pandora? So if I care for someone I like should I also care for someone I hate? Why would Kratos care for the lover of someone who tried to kill him?

And with the way she acted toward Kratos at first sight it's pretty obvious they already had past grievances, unless she was only imprisoned just before Kratos got to her and had knowledge of all the death and destruction he had caused, which is silly to assume.   

And the only time completely innocent people are killed is when you choose to for health or there just isn't another option, how is Kratos going to destroy the evil & capricious Gods of Olympus if he let's petty morality get in the way to the point where he refuses to go on without commiting a bad deed? Wouldn't be much of an adventure then. 

For me it was all the innocents he kept slaughtering in the cutscenes. He's a callous murderer of innocents. I get that he has a nice look and cool abilities, but as a character, he's unlikeable and poorly written. I still like playing the games though.

Zackasaurus-rex said:
AZWification said:

Hmm, why is that the case?

You know, it's a bit hard to say! I never liked any of the DK games, except the arcade classic. DK64 is the last DK thing I played, and I just hated it.

And whenever I look at the modern DK art, it just grosses me out. I think it's beyond ugly, and I don't even like the OSTs. :s

Wait, you don't like the OSTs? Wow, that's something I don't hear everyday!

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