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Forums - Politics Discussion - Do you think kids under 18 should have sex with each other?


Should 18 or under kids/teens have sex?

Hell yeah why couldnt they? 133 57.58%
Ehh That would make their lives hell 43 18.61%
Im neutral 55 23.81%
Player2 said:

Only under direct parental supervision.

Haha this cracked me up.

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They can have fun with other things like videogames

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Player2 said:

Only under direct parental supervision.

True, also pics or didnt happen


Only if we are talking about safe sex.

This question is cute.

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This is a random question. How did this come to be?

I'd say mostly they shouldn't have sex. They can, but it's probably not a good idea when they're so young.



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"Should 18 or under kids/teens have sex?"

As a mere matter of risk vs. reward, the answer to this question is objectively "no".

If they are 16 or 17, then maybe.. Younger than that? Noope.

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Of course they should be able to!

In my community the minimum age for marriage is 15. I personally don't approve of sex outside of marriage, but since people as young as 15 can be married it obviously means I am fine with under 18s who are married having sex.

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