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Are you excited?

Yes! Zelda hype! 127 62.87%
Meh... 47 23.27%
Worst show ever 0/10 28 13.86%

I want a Metroid anime. Make it dark as fuck.

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Soundwave said:
amp316 said:
I bet that this project never sees the light of day and if it does, it will be a embarrassment to the series.

Still, it will be better than Other M.

Netflix's original programming generally ranges from "decent" to "phenomenonal". There's nothing they've produced under their banner that was just full-on crap IMO. 

The new Marco Polo series isn't the greatest thing ever, but it's not bad, for example. 

Netflix is pretty high quality in what they produce, not quite HBO tier, but not that far off either. 

I think a Hollywood live action movie would be preferable, but if they were going to go the TV route, Netflix is one of the better (maybe the best) options they could've gone with. 

I agree with most of what you wrote but zelda would be better off being a show. A show is more likely to get zelda right then an hour and a half movie. Also there's a difference between a made for tv show and a made for streaming show. They won't have to do any of that filler type of stuff (cliffhangers, what happened last time, ect). More time of the show could be used to tell the story or go into character development more deeply. Netflix's shows are also interesting or different from typical shows. They are also pretty good in general. Marco Polo could of been better. It just needed more action. It was better than most regular tv stuff.

Soundwave said:
PxlStorm said:
Why, Nintendo? Why?!

Why not? Nintendo's honestly been a bit silly in letting huge IP like Mario and Zelda that everyone knows stick only to video games especially on consoles that a lot of people don't own. 

Now these IP can reach out to a much bigger audience, 60 million-ish households have Netflix worldwide, meaning a Zelda TV series could bring in millions of new fans and reignite the interest of a lot of lapsed fans. 

The Mario CG movie should go ahead too. A lot of kids are not growing up with Nintendo hardware anymore, you need a new way to reach them with these characters. 



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Zelda deserves better, Zelda deserves a blockbuster live-action movie.

Soundwave said:

Netflix's original programming generally ranges from "decent" to "phenomenonal". There's nothing they've produced under their banner that was just full-on crap IMO.

Hemlock Grove sucks.

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Not sure how I feel about this. I think its definitely possible that it would work.. but its really dependent on how much effort Nintendo & Netflix are willing to put in.

I really hope this turns out to be good, it can be but it could also suck XD

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HollyGamer said:
Normchacho said:
I am more weary of this than excited...I fear it may be awful.

Yup, i prefer animated CG then real live action, i hate how western movie developer always ruined the story of anime, games movie adapatation.

It's not even it being like action, I just fear it will be terrible.

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